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02 May 2017
Depor failed defending the counterattack and the corner-kicks n a game that was destined to be defined through headers. Guilherme was the fifth player that scores a brace for Deportivo during this season.

The eight notes from the visit to Osasuna

1- Despite the criticism, not a bad game by Depor: Deportivo continue to receive the anger coming from the fans, the public is upset for whatís clearly a poor season and this game wasnít the exception. However, it cannot be said that Depor played a bad game. The Blanquiazul outfit was lost within the first five minutes and in the last quarter of the game, moment when it was close to lose the meeting as Osasuna had three clear chances to score.

But in the middle it had a decent performance, it didnít lose the patience despite been losing and managed to control the ball possession and create some scoring opportunities, which lead to overcome the result. The sin of Deportivo was to commit two errors that didnít allow to conquer the so wished victory.

2- First error: defending the counterattack If something gave problems to Depor throughout the game was the local counterattack. The defence simply never knew how to contain the long passes searching for Kodro and Sergio Leůn, as a result Osasuna completed seven passes coming from their defensive third, while five of their eleven opportunities to score came in a counterattack.  The situation was more complicated at the right side, because Bruno Gama wasnít brining the aids to Juanfran, something that was seized by Roberto Torres, who ended the game making four shots. 

3- Second error: defending the corner-kicks Deportivo are usually a strong team defending set-pieces, but in certain games on this season everything has fell apart, and this was one of these opportunities. Osasuna completed seven corner-kicks, four of them met the target and two ended in the goals. In the first Guilherme made a bad clearance, and in the second a deflection at the near post fooled everyone and Juanfran ended scoring an own goal.

4- A new early goal: This is the new nightmare of Deportivo. In three of the last five liga games played by Deportivo the team has had a terrible start that lead to allow a goal. In the visit to Sevilla CF, Depor only lasted 54 seconds in conceding the first goal in the match. Against Real Madrid t only lasted 53 seconds. And against Osasuna the first local goal came at minute 4.

The bleeding could have been bigger as, in the visit to Real Sociedad, the Basques already had three clear chances to score before the 10-minute mark, including a header from Xabi Prieto after only ten seconds. Mel hasnít been able to fix this lack of attention at the start of the meetings.

5- When the stats mark the development of a game: There are times when the statistics can perfectly predict whatís going to happen in a game. This was the meeting between the most effective team scoring goals through headers against the worst teams defending the aerial game. The outcome was to see Depor scoring twice through these kinds of plays.

The first was a secondary play in a lateral free-kick; Juanfran collected the ball and his cross was headed home by Guilherme, then the second goal came in a corner-kick that Albentosa headed on target, the ball was going into the goal, and Guilherme only made a deflection inside the box. Depor are now the sixth team in la liga with more goals in set pieces: 16 (six lateral free-kicks, one direct free-kick, seven corners and two penalties).

6- The output of the ball: Fernando Navarro (91) ended the game as the player with more touches for Depor, and it wasnít a coincidence, because Depor based the output of the ball on the plays made by the side defenders. With «olak absent one more time the weight of the attacks was on the combination between Navarro and Luisinho, actually this was the most common pass combination as Navarro assisted Luisinho in 13 opportunities. Juanfran (84 touches) was also busy and he combined with Bruno Gama in ten opportunities, clearly the passing lanes were more open when the side defenders found their pairs on the sides.

7- Away sorrow: Deportivo continue to suffer each time it plays away from the Riazor. The Galicians have only won in 7 of the 56 away meetings disputed in the last three Primera seasons. In this opportunity they were close to conquer their first away comeback in four years, the last time was in the 2-3 win at RCD Mallorca (March 2013)

8- Braces: Guilherme scored his first professional brace in this game. This is the fifth opportunity on the season with a Deporís player scoring a brace, curiously Deportivo only won one of the games in which someone scored twice. The previous players that netted a brace were Celso Borges (3-4 loss at MŠlaga CF), Joselu (2-3 loss at Real Madrid), Florin Andone (5-1 win Vs. Real Sociedad) and GaŽl Kakuta (2-4 loss at Sevilla CF)



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