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02 May 2017
Depor’s coach was now defending the players as he believes they made a good game despite wasting an advantage that would have granted the permanence. The players had mixed reactions to the draw.

Pepe Mel was giving his impressions on the game, “It’s obvious that we didn’t came here only for a point, therefore we believe that we didn’t achieve what we wanted. The development of the game put the score against us, then the players made an effort in order to put the game where we wanted, but the game of Osasuna is direct, highly vertical, with a player that wins everything by air like Kenan [Kodro] and then Sergio [León] seizes the cracks between the lines, over there we were unable to get the ball, but later we did the good things at the moment of having the ball. What has me in a bad mood is that we conceded again in set-pieces, it is something that we need to close.”
Contrary to what happened in the previous game, he wasn’t upset with the players, “I cannot criticize the players as they did everything in order to win, without doubt it makes the whole club to remain active one more week, but it’s at reach. But we need to be positive, the team has improved and we still have one point left.”

“Leaving behind the final result, we made twenty good minutes having the ball. Today we had more criterion with the ball, the players were highly involved and I’m content as the team fought against an adverse result in a crucial game for us. Sincerely, I congratulated the players and told them to be prepared for the game against Espanyol.” He added.

Mel continued defending the players after the criticism coming from the fans, “I saw that, today, they had a plan and I also saw that they wanted to do the right things. We came back in a crucial game for us. We did the things that I asked. Yes, we still in the mess for one more week, which makes the players to continue in silence, they cannot play well as they think that against Espanyol they are playing for their life again. We need one point and I believe we will do it. The problem would be if we play like at Anoeta, if we draw playing like that then I would be worried. Unless they do the things that are asked to them… I congratulated the players today. I understand that the fans are mad, but I believe that if they see the game closely then they cannot complain, apart from defending those set-pieces. We cannot be sinister, we still need one point with nine in dispute.”

The players had mixing feelings with the result. Celso Borges commented that, “The glass is half empty, things are now closer, but we must continue fighting in order to reach the salvation. We allowed an early goal, but the important thing is that later we knew how to react. That goal didn’t condition our game and a reaction is always helpful.”

“We cannot despise the work done. We must continue working and the most difficult thing is about to be done. We hope to clinch the needed point in the next game. We are giving everything in every game, sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes it does.” The midfielder added.

Alejandro Arribas had a bittersweet taste after the draw, “We aren’t content, it was clear that we wanted to win. The goal was the victory and the permanence. We want to enjoy for the rest of the season, but now we need to continue fighting. We tried to work hard and must thank the fans for their support.”

Juanfran Moreno was feeling sorry for his own goal, “We are in a moment in which everything is against us, apart of not been lucky it is true that the play was quick, but well we must continue fighting. It isn’t worth lamenting, today we played well and it’s painful to allow a goal in a set-piece.”

The right-back was talking of the importance of the next game against RCD Espanyol, “We are feeling screwed as we would have wanted to clinch the permanence now. We cannot look back and must start working ahead of the game against Espanyol. The words mean nothing at this point and need to be focused, it is the best message we can send to the fans.”

Luisinho was feeling frustrated, “We knew that we could have secured the permanence in this game and in this sense, we are feeling sorry for not giving a joy to the fans. Now we have a home game in order to secure it and end with this suffering. We depend on ourselves and have nothing to lose, we must win at home.”

At CA Osasuna, coach Petar Vasiljević wasn’t content with the result, “The team pushes. You equal the situation with courage and push, but the victory escaped from us.  The draw tastes like nothing, but this has been the tendency on this season. We knew how to come from behind and we must try to end the season in the best possible way.”



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