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18 Dec 2006
The negative period lived by Deportivo is awakening all kind of analysis. One of the most complete ones was built up by newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?±a</i>. The Galician paper analysed the problems in every sector on the pitch, and suggested that one of the main problems are the continues changes ordered by Caparr??s. The following is a translation of that article.

- Goalkeeping position: Dudu Aouate has been infected with the same lack of effectiveness showed by the rest of the players. The Israeli goalkeeper has passed from been a guarantee to be committing stupid mistakes. Against Athletic, he was in nowhere's land when Javi Mart?­nez headed the ball in for the first goal, and his hands were of crystal during the second one. However, he will continue enjoying of a spot in the starting  eleven.

- Defence: The continuos modifications made by Joaqu?­n Caparr??s aren't helping to solidify the defensive line. Barrag??n has passed in a short period of time  from been a starter to the bench. Manuel Pablo is the opposite case. Arbeloa has been rotating between the centre and the right side. Juanma enters and goes out according to the modifications, and the only player with a secure place is Capdevila. All this things are only creating uncertainty, because the defenders doesn't know how to help each other when the rival has the ball. Besides, the formation has lost its security in set pieces actions. And as it happened against Athletic, a goal allowed in a corner-kick is a symptom of a defeat.

- Midfield: What Caparr??s describes as efforts in order to obtain the best thing from his squad are just causing more confusion and uncertainty. Sergio and Coloccini saw the last game from the bench, while De Guzm??n was changing his sit in the stadium for the grass. Cristian was moving his postion from the left to the right, and Verd?? from the playmaker roll to the pivote function. Arizmendi from the left wing to midfield and he even played as central forward. Another list of endless modifications that leaves the squad without a guide during the key moments. The line that should be creating football isn't working out, and when the ball reaches the wings, it's impossible to sent a decent cross.

- The striking zone: This players are the ones that are receiving all the criticism. It's a reality that Deportivo is missing a striker with he capacity to score goals, but it's also true that the squad is only creating a few occasions to score. The changes in the tactic, like putting Taborda as a reference upfront, aren't giving the expected results, because the Uruguayan is receiving passes that are impossible to manage.

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