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09 May 2017
Depor’s coach once again defended his players as he wants to focus in what happened in the second half. The players are feeling hurt, though continued to affirm that the permanence depends on themselves.

Coach Pepe Mel was explaining how he saw the game, “I sincerely believe that we entered fine to the game, we made a very good game as the team was highly involved, having three arrivals, and the goal killed us, it kept us knocked down the whole first part. It is normal, because when you need things, to be down in the score in that way, the hit is harder. We tried to fix the things in at half-time. We came out strong, like the score was 0-0. We tried, but only scored once. We didn’t do enough in the second part to win the game, but in order to win the game you first need to tie it. In a global sense, before the goal, and in the entire second half, I cannot complain of my players, because they tried and had many chances to score.”

He continued defending the attitude of the players, “In this case, the problem is clear: a team that was fine since the start, we had the first chances and corners, and the error was ours as in a professional game these mistakes kill you. I blame the error, because the change in the attitude was clear. The players tried and we cannot blame them as this is a thing that happens once every one hundred games.”

Later the Madrilenian manager was referring to the negative environment, “All the messages that we receive from the outside are negative, black of referring to catastrophes, though we are in this mess by ourselves. What I know is, if my team plays like in the second half, then I have no doubts that of the six points remaining we will add what we have to add. How is the environment in the changing room? Feeling sad, but knowing that the way to go out of this situation is doing what we did today. We caged the rival for fifty minutes, but only scored once.”

But he understands the fans as they were whistling the team, “They have the arguments to do that. Surely if I were a fan I would be upset, but anyone with perspective should notice that Depor did everything in the second half in order to win the game. Wasn’t enough to win the game? Yes, it wasn’t enough, but the better placed in the fight to survive is Deportivo La Coruña.”

About the reason why Edu Expósito was replaced at half-time, Mel said that, “Edu is a lad that’s fine, he has a great future and we thought that today’s game was good to him, this in order to launch his career. He has the arguments to be a good centre midfielder, but was involved in the mess of the first half. We needed something else with the 0-2 in the score, you needed another plan.”

Finally, Mel explained how the team must face the negative environment during this week, “They should only listen to me, they should only think of the last fifty minutes in the game. We must try to add the points that we need. It isn’t thirty nor twenty, maybe with one is enough. I don’t say that there isn’t a reason for the negativity, no, just that this feeling cannot drill into the changing room. They need to play a football game as they did in the last fifty minutes.” 

Ola John was the best player in the game, he said not to be worried with the current situation of Deportivo, “I am not worried, I have confidence in this team. There’s two games to take place and we can do it by ourselves.”

About the two faces of Depor in the game, the winger commented that, “The first half, I think we played very defensive… and in the second half the coach changed Emre’s position and you can see that we attacked really well, so it means that we had more space at the middle and we were able to attack by the sides.”

Fernando Navarro was trying to explain this new defeat, “Things went bad after the first goal, it was a big weight to have the score against us, and in the second half I believe we did enough things in order to win. We had our opportunities and, in this dynamic, it usually happens: you make less mistakes and you are the one that end losing.”

The left-back remains optimistic despite the latest results, “Two matchdays are remaining and is useless to go down, we depend on ourselves and the tram is on that. It has been a bad season, with ups and downs, and we hope to close it soon. It has been a hard season for everyone. We want to fulfil the goals. Two games are remaining and in the second half we had enough chances to tie. We know people aren’t happy and we understand it. We can only work in order to secure the permanence as soon as possible.”

Álex Bergantiños talked on Monday and explained how the team is feeling, “We are feeling screwed, which is normal. We weren’t unable to certify the permanence and are trying to feel united. We need to surpass the bad moment as we still have to face two more games. Until the goal is achieved we are there in the mess, things are getting complicated as we still in the fight.”

The midfielder was analysing the match, “The first goal was a hard hit. Truly we weren’t well coordinated, it provoked them to be hard in the counterattack. We were anxious and the team suffered a lot. In the second half we improved, but the game was already complicated. We needed to press higher and the team started to grow, it was a pity not to score the equalizer in the chances we had. I believe we deserved at least the draw.”

At RCD Espanyol, Quique Sánchez Flores was happy for how his team competed, “I saw a very high level related to the compromise of the player. I saw that many teams are no longer competing on this season and we pretend not to do the same.”

He also referred to the big mistake of Arribas in the first goal, “When you are anxious these kinds of accidents can happen. We lived this within the first eight matchdays. Tomorrow he will wake up and will return to compete at the top.” 




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