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20 May 2017
Last game on the liga campaign and the attention was focused in external issues as both teams are playing for nothing. Depor’s coach says that he already started to plan next season.

The last press conference of Pepe Mel lasted twenty minutes. He talked to reporters on Friday’s noon. The Madrilenian coach talked briefly of this game, not big news as he only confirmed that Laure and Roef are going to play, in the remaining of the press conference he talked of the future and the unhappiness among the fans. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Last game on the season: “The fact that the future of Depor is secure makes us to be calmer, but I believe we are in debt with the fans and we have one more game to try to pay the debt. This game is useful in order to leave having the feeling that we could have made more things. The changing room knows that it’s a good moment in order to end the season in the best possible way.”

Quique Setién: “I am no one to valorize his work, just look to my problems on here. I believe he is a coach with a defined style and he made a great work with Las Palmas, because they were plugged in, but the work in a season can be twisted for many reasons and surely he would love to end upper. He is a good coach and has decided to not continue at Las Palmas. Bot tomorrow our battle is against ourselves, because the public will ask things from us and for good reasons”

The fans are upset: “I believe it’s normal, the federation of peñas and the fans in general express themselves according to what they see. It should be an incentive in order to improve in all the aspects of the club. I believe we are eager to do it, to be at the height of their demands. What’s clear to me is that the goal of Deportivo La Coruña cannot be to be saved in the penultimate game, so I understand why the fans aren’t content, it isn’t enough. The compromise is to receive the message. What I believe is that we all are disappointed as everybody expected a more protagonic team in la liga.”

Planning for next season: “What I can tell you is that, after the game at Villarreal, we started to work in the future of Depor. I already had meetings with the technical staff, which could have taken place before, but I refused to do it as we should be focused in other things. Obviously the project that I received wasn’t of three months; I didn’t come here just to be two and a half months. It was a project in the long-term and what I can tell you now it’s that the protagonic role starting on Monday is for the sporting director.”

Davy Roef & Laure: “Yes, he will play since the start. He and Laure are going to be starters.”

Involved in the planning for next season? “The coach should be in everything, because I believe the coach needs the sporting staff and vice versa. They have been supporting us in the shadows when things weren’t working out, and I believe that now the fair thing is to support, to see my opinion been heard.”

Plans for next season: “The important thing is to work since the base of this season, thus we can show ambition since the first game on the next liga. We should look to other teams in liga, ones that seems for worse things and that end in mid-table showing courage and other things. I believe the key is to keep a strong base, and each player arriving must add things in different facets, not only in one. What I can promise you from this chair is that we are going to work hard.”

Kakuta, Joselu and indiscipline inside the changing room: “It doesn’t correspond to me to talk of these issues. I make decisions seeing the performance of the players and deciding what the best for the team is.”

First training for next season: “Yes, this was the last session. In the beginning the plan is to see the team retuning on July 5.”

Quique Setién is leaving UD Las Palmas; he started to say good-bye in his press conference held on Friday’s noon. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Good-bye: “I leave very happy of this island, I leave absolutely satisfied and realized, and grateful because here I have been able to obtain many things in a professional level. I'm going to have a prestige that I didn’t have before, I don’t owe anything of this to anyone, only to UD Las Palmas and to the players who have been wonderful in general terms. There have been hard times with them and also they had a hard time with me, but I understand it as something normal."

Bad end to the season: "On one hand, I’m very satisfied with the work that has been done and, on the other hand, I’m a little sad for the last phase of the tournament in which we couldn’t keep the expectations of the beginning. We’ve disappointed many people who expected much more. But the perspective they should have is that the goal was the salvation, we haven’t been able to take a step further, we fulfilled the goal, but with a bitter taste. That’s what is going to remain. Perhaps with the pass of the years this could be different and people can forget the results at the end, and remember that we lived unforgettable moments."

Deportivo: "I was praying that this game wasn’t going to be decisive for them, especially for them and other teams, you always have the obligation to behave with the highest demands, it isn’t an easy match because in the end you are the judge and in the end there is always someone damaged . Depor are saved and it will be a game with a different content. We will try to overcome that handicap away from home. I guess they will want to finish making a good game and trying to win. There is the honor between two teams that want to finish well.”

His future: “In this press room I will not say anything about my future or other teams. It isn’t the moment and I reserve the information and my opinions. I will not comment at all."



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