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21 May 2017
War at the stands in the first half, but the wave in the second. Depor said good-bye to the season 2016/17 with a big win over a poor Las Palmas. Andone scored a brace and received a standing ovation when he was replaced.

Coach Pepe Mel presented the expected lineup for the final game in the season. It was a 4-2-3-1 figure with Davy Roef making his first -and probably only- appearance with the team. The Belgian arrived during the winter window and covered the goalkeeper’s position as Lux was suspended.

Laure performed at the right side in defence, Fernando Navarro played on the left, while the central positions were covered by Alejandro Arribas and Raúl Albentosa. Guilherme and Pedro Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Carles Gil attacked from the right wing, Ola John did it from the left, Emre Çolak was the playmaker and Florin Andone was the centre forward.

At UD Las Palmas, Kevin-Prince Boateng started on the bench, probably a consequence of the little fight that he had with coach Quique Setién on the day before. Ex-Depor players Aythami Artiles and Momo were starters. Jesé and Mateo García were the references in attack.

With the permanence secured, nothing was at stake in this game and the club decided to name the meeting as the “peña day” of the season. There were several activities before the kick-off outside the stadium. There were no protests from the fans before the start of the match.

One of the most comfortable first halves on the season, not only because the permanence was already secured before the kick-off, but because Depor killed the game in only 45 minutes through the counterattack. UD Las Palmas had a 69% of the ball possession, but it was useless before an effective Deportivo.

If Deportivo had problems in recent games at the start of the meetings, it was now the opposite. After a first shot by Ola John that was caught by visiting goalie Raúl Lizoain, the Canarians failed in the output of the ball and Guilherme ended assisting Florin Andone, who entered the area by the left side to score through a drilling shot.

The game was placid for Depor with the advantage on, UD Las Palmas weren’t hurried and the Galicians assumed a more passive role. What was hot was the environment at the stands. The Riazor Blues started to chant against the board of directors, while the rest of the stadium responded whistling against the Riazor Blues. This situation stayed the same until they left the stadium at minute 32, the rest of the stadium chanted against them when they left the stands “Fuera, Fuera”.

Back into the game, UD Las Palmas had its first chance in the game at minute 12, it was a shot by Hernán Santana from the edge of the area that was saved by Roef.  In the following minutes the visiting side totally controlled the ball possession, but they never created any problem before Roef.

At this point in the game, the visiting side had a 77% in the ball possession, but that was useless before a very most effective Depor.  The Galicians scored the second goal in a counterattack after a corner-kick action for the Canarians, Çolak assisted Andone, who ran from midfield, eluding a rival, and ending the play chipping the ball over the sliding tackle by Raúl Lizoain. The Romanian ended the season with 12 goals scored.

Aythami could have scored at minute 36, this after a deflecting header in a corner-kick, but his attempt went over the crossbar. And then Depor found the third goal, Ola John made the play on the left, he eluded a rival and his high cross was cleared by Raúl Lizoain, but the ball went directly into the path of Carles Gil, who just pushed the ball in from close range.

The score was devastating taking in mind the ball possession, but deserved as Deportivo created the most chances and scored three goals with four shots on target. The Canarians had a couple of opportunities in the final minute, the main one was a shot by Mateo García that Roef cleared to corner-kick.

No more goals at the Riazor on the season, but both sides had enough chances to increase the count. Roef made some nice saves, while Andone wasted two clear chances. It was expected a big protest at the stands, but the fans made the wave in the final minutes.

The final part started with a double modification at UD Las Palmas, the draw didn’t change, but now Jonathan Viera was the centre forward, and it was him who had the first chance in the second part. It was a direct free-kick that Roef cleared to corner-kick (47’).

Four minutes later Andone had his first chance in the half, again a counterattack in which his shot from inside the area was blocked by Raúl Lizoain. At minute 57, the Romanian had a new opportunity and again in a counterattack, but his crossed shot from inside the area went out.

Then Marlos Moreno replaced Ola John. The Dutchman had a nice game, while the Colombian appeared a couple of times, one of them to assist Çolak. Viera had a new chance in a free-kick at minute 62, but he met Roef again. There were no goals in the final part, but both sides at least tried, Las Palmas meanly in set-piece and Depor through the counterattack.

The second substitution at Depor was the entry of Álex Bergantiños for Guilherme. Çolak could have scored the fourth after an assist by Marlos Moreno, but his drilling and crossed shot from the edge of the area just passed close to the post (72’). In the next play Roef made a new save, this time before a long-distance shot from Roque Mesa. The ball was cleared to corner-kick. The Dutchman left a good impression with his four saves.

Marlos missed the target from the edge of the area in what was the last chance for Depor on the season (80’), it was a solo-play at the edge of the area. One minute before, Hernán Santana was sent off with two yellow cards, the first for protesting and later for a foul over Mosquera. The Canarians played with ten men for the final ten minutes.

The last change was the entry of Fajr for Andone, who received a standing ovation from the fans. He was criticized by the Riazor Blues during the week, but the public paid a tribute to his sacrifice. To mention that the public that stayed in the second part made the wave, protests were excepted, but this reaction may have been a joke or a protest against the Riazor Blues for their previous behaviour.

A comfortable result. Depor killed Las Palmas on the counterattack despite only having a 36% of ball possession. Andone scored a brace and there was a war at the stands between the Riazor Blues and the rest of the fans, it was only in the first half and the public ended making the wave.

Depor ended the season at the 16th position, this after CD Leganés could only get a draw hosting Alavés (1-1). The team is now on vacation and will return to train on July 5.

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Roef – Laure, Arribas, Albentosa, Navarro – Mosquera, Guilherme (Álex Bergantiños 71’) – Carles Gil, Çolak, Ola John (Marlos Moreno 57’) – Andone (Fajr 85’).
Las Palmas: (4-3-3) Lizoain – David Simón, Bigas (David García 46’), Aythami, Hélder Lopes – Hernán, Roque Mesa, Viera – Momo (Halilović 77’), Mateo García, Jesé (Javi Castellano 46’).
Goals: 1-0: (4’) Andone, 2-: (28’) Andone, 3-0: (40’) Carles Gil
Referee: Mario Melero López. He showed yellow card to Navarro (25’), Roque Mesa (38’), Carles Gil (43’), Mosquera (47’), Çolak (53’) & Momo (53’). Hernán was sent off with two yellow cards (51’ & 79’)
Venue: Riazor (21,636)
Other statistics: Ball possession (36% - 64%); Attempts to score (8 – 5); Total shots (9 - 13); Shots on target (5- 4); Saves by the keepers (4 - 2); Corner-kicks (0 - 9); Offsides (2 - 2); Fouls committed (25 - 14); Passing accuracy (81% - 88%)



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