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22 May 2017
The coach and the players know that the big win over UD Las Palmas isn’t enough to satisfy the fans after a poor season, Mel advanced some details of the upcoming pre-season.

Pepe Mel was content with the performance of the team, but admitted that the big win cannot cover the rest of the season, “I still saying that we have a debt with the fans, I believe a game cannot cover a whole season. The team must get its conclusions and we want to improve, from the coaching staff to the players, we must extract conclusions and avoid future errors. We now must work harder in order to have a strong base.”

“About the game, we wanted the fans to smile for a day. Recently we had problems at home and I believe they were intense They understood the way in which we could hammer Las Palmas. We were effective in attack and defended well. I hope the fans, despite a game cannot cover the rest, can be calm.” He added.

About the situation at the stands, the Madrilenian commented that, “We knew about it. I am new on here, but we were warned. I believe the players were plugged into the game and that’s a good signal. Surely in another game it would have been harder, but we cannot reproach the players. The fans are free to do whatever they want, we can only try to catch their message, but today everyone at the stadium must feel content.”

Asked for the planning of next season, he assured that no major changes should be expected, “I answered this before, I sincerely believe that a team cannot change each year eleven or twelve players and Depor don’t need it. We cannot be taken away by the feelings left by the fact that Depor were saved in the penultimate matchday. There are players that will be the base, so it’s a matter of quality and not quantity.”

Finally, Mel confirmed some dates for next season, even a friendly against FC Porto, “If we want to work we must do it since now, and we started three days ago. Surely the first month on the pre-season will take place on here. I believe that Abegondo is a good place to start, later we have prepared a game against Porto on July 30, we will stay one week there.”

Florin Andone scored a brace and ended as the top-scorer of the team; he was thanking the support from the fans “I felt loved, the true is that I feel fine on here, I feel like at home. I thank the people that appreciate your sacrifice. Even in the bad moments they were with me. I hope we can have better things on next year.  We prepared the game in the best possible way and we played well, we won 3-0 and I believe that people enjoyed.”

The Romanian attacker also denied that he has offers to leave, “I still have four years in my contract. I still haven’t talked to anyone and shouldn’t do it. I was signed for five years and don’t think that I could leave. Better than here is impossible. I feel fine on here and little by little people are trusting me. I hope that next year we can have bigger goals.”

Fernando Navarro shared the view that the win isn’t enough to compensate the fans for the suffering during the season, “Despite not having a good season, we ended with a good taste in the last game. And little more can I say. We needed to win in order to offer the victory to the fans and we only sought for that.  I don’t think that the we were reconciled with the fans, it’s the reality, we didn’t make a good season, but at least we conquered the victory today.”

The left-back also confessed that he is eager to continue on next season, “I have one more year of contract and, the summer is long, so we will see what we will do. After playing 26 games as a starter it means good numbers and, in the beginning, I hope to continue. I am content in the city and at the club.”

At UD Las Palmas, Quique Setíen was feeling powerless with his team, "We left with a sad feeling because there is no solution, the season ends and it’s a shame, because we have done very good things throughout the tournament that have been tarnished by this ending, it leaves us with very bitter taste. What has happened since I announced that I was not going to continue should have influenced, but there have been other important issues that have affected the morale and performance of the team but, with the exception of some matches, I always saw the team in the same way.”



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