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26 May 2017
Defence was the section that witnessed the worst deterioration in the performance during the second round. Juanfran can be considered as the best player of the season, but apart from that little more can be rescued.

Seven defenders performed for Deportivo during the season 2016/17, it was one of the most affected sections by the poor performance in the second round, so the majority of the valorisations are negative, though Juanfran should be among the candidates to be considered as the best player on the campaign. The following is the analysis of the defenders that played for Depor on this season.

Juanfran Moreno –Improved- (2,961 minutes on the season) Third campaign of the Madrilenian right-back at Deportivo and once again he left the impression of been improving with the passage of the years. This time it was enough to be one of the most important players at the team. He was the man with more minutes in liga and a reference at the right side. Juanfran didn’t score goals this season, but led the department of assists with six (tied with Çolak).

He was even a leader outside the pitch with his constant presence in front of reporters. His main problem continues to be the inaccuracy with the crosses. On the liga campaign he made 203 crosses, but only 47 met the target (23% of the total).
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Laure –Forgotten- (425) The defender will less minutes in liga. The great season of Juanfran had consequences with Laure, the captain of Deportivo was reduced to only play in Copa plus appear seven times in liga, in four of them as a starter as Juanfran was suspended or injured. He was one of the four men at the squad that saw a red card on the liga campaign (against FC Barcelona, October 15).
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Sidnei Rechel –Carried- (2,491) Considered as the best defender at Deportivo, the Brazilian demonstrated once again that he can be a rock at the back. He was the eighth player with more clearances in the league competition (149). The problem was that, as the games were passing and Depor continued to have mediocre results, he left of impression of been carried away by the poor performance of the rest.

The best example was his last game in liga, the 2-6 debacle with Real Madrid (April 26). In that game the whole defence was terrible and Sidnei couldn’t stop the debacle. At least he finally scored a goal, after three seasons at Depor searching to score a goal with his famous runs from defence, he finally did it, though it was in a corner-kick action during the home game with Real Sociedad (December 5)
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Alejandro Arribas –Misunderstood- (1,907) After a solid first season at Depor, Arribas suddenly lost his weight at the team. Gaizka Garitano arrived with Albentosa as his reference for the centre of the defense and therefore Arribas was suddenly the third centre-back at the team, reason why he begun the liga season as a substitute.

But the in injuries, suspensions and constant errors in defence ended balancing his presence at the lineups. And after the arrival of Pepe Mel, Arribas became the second choice behind Sidnei, though by the end of the season the whole defense had a flat performance, as example his big error that cost a goal in the home meeting with RCD Espanyol (May 7).
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Raúl Albentosa –Threatening- The most booked player on the season (ten yellows and one red card) and the only new signing for the defensive zone. He arrived as an “extension” on the field of Garitano, with the good references of his work at SD Eibar and Málaga CF, but by the end of the season the fans were looking to him as a “threat” for the cost of his actions.

Even Garitano benched him after a series of unfortunate plays that cost points, he provoked the penalty that cost the game with Alavés (February 18), one week later was sent off before Leganés (February 25), and against Betis he was close to cost an upset entering the pitch in the final minutes just to make a last-minute foul at the edge of the area (March 08). With Pepe Mel on, the Valencian became the third choice for the centre of the defence and played in the final games just because Sidnei was injured.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.0

Fernando Navarro –Fulfiller- Second season for the veteran left-back and, despite not playing too much as in his first campaign in A Coruña (25 appearances now, 36 one year before), he always left a positive feeling. He doesn’t have the skills to attack by his flank, but at least he fulfilled the main duty of covering his zone in defence. Like the rest of defenders there was a decrease in his performance for the last part of the season.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Luisinho –Redeemed- Many fans were upset when it was announced that the Portuguese left-back was staying after the incident with Víctor Sánchez at the end of last season. Garitano washed his hands and allowed his participation in the liga games, and by the end of the season only a few were remembering his recent past.

A key for his is that Luisinho kept a more discrete profile throughout the season, while he was fulfilling his duties on the pitch. His versatile skills were noticed as in his twenty league appearances he played four times as a left winger. He didn’t score goals, but ended with two assists.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0




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