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28 May 2017
Deportivo never found the way to replace Ran Babel, Kakuta failed and Ola John lasted in adapting. Bruno Gama was never the player of the past.

Different stages as both coaches on the season had problems in finding the right choice for the wings. Six wingers had the chance to perform for Deportivo on the season.  Babel impressed in the first stretch, and after his exit the club never found the way to replace him. Carles Gil made a step forward and Óscar had the chance to debut in liga. The following is a summary of their performance.

Ryan Babel -Dandy- (561 minutes on the season) People were makings jokes when realized that Deportivo have signed this veteran attacker after Joselu got injured, it was September and the team needed references up front. Three months later nobody was laughing as there were enough arguments to say that this was a successful signing, even some fans argued he was the best player on the season.

After one month adapting and working hard in order to gain shape, Babel became a fixed starter on the left wing, he scored a dramatic and important goal against Sporting (October 01) and ended 2016 in style scoring three goals and providing an assist in his last four games at Depor. The Dutchman didn’t want to renew his six-month contract and signed for Beşiktaş, and Depor never found a proper replacement for him.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Carles Gil -Different- (1,411) Both Garitano and Pepe Mel said that the Valencian was a different player, one that can mark the differences. The true is that he had a difficult adaptation. By the end of November he had only played four times and didn’t see comfortable on the pitch. But the player gave a step forward in December and became a fixed starter on the right wing, and sometimes performed as a playmaker. 

It was then that Gil demonstrated his skills, his vision on the field and assists turned to be important and ended the season having the third best pass ratio at the team (85.3%). A groin injury reduced his presence in the lineups in 2017, but ended the campaign scoring a goal against Las Palmas (May 20).
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Bruno Gama -Changed- (1,452) The fans celebrated when it was announced that the Portuguese winger was returning to Deportivo, but later found out that Bruno Gama was no longer the same player that helped Deportivo in its promotion to Primera. He was never a factor in the games and proof of this is the fact that the player ended the season without scoring goals and neither provided assists. When Pepe Mel arrived he already had lost the spot before Carles Gil.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Kakuta -Problematic- (542) The main hope to replace Babel turned to be a disappointment. The Congolese was signed during the winter window and never shown the unbalance that made him famous during his stage at Rayo Vallecano. His only contribution was to score a brace in the visit to Sevilla (April 8). Later there was a mysterious incident in the home game with Rea Madrid (April 26), he was replaced at half-time and never played again for Depor. He wasn’t even included in the rosters for the game and coach Pepe Mel never explained what exactly happened.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Ola John -Slippery- (348). This unknown player was signed during the winter window and the fans constantly mocked as he was always slipping during the games. He had problem adapting, but by the end of the season Ola John was the fixed starter on the left wing as Kakuta was failing. The true is that he left a positive impression with his skills and ended the season with an assist in the game with Las Palmas (May 20).
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Óscar García -Promising- (1) The most promising player at Depor B had the chance to perform in Copa Del Rey and also played a minute in liga during the visit to Las Palmas (January 20). Only one minute that was more a small reward for his solid season at Tercera División.
RCDLC.com rating: -



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