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29 May 2017
Garitano never found his place at Deportivo and left after only been able to add five victories. Pepe Mel brought instant results, but later the team fell apart.

Deportivo had two coaches during the season, one left doubts since the beginning and was fired after a series of bad results that put the team in risk. The second arrived as a revulsive, but his effect only lasted four games. The following is the summary of the coaches of Deportivo during the campaign.

Gaizka Garitano -Depressing- Many people were surprised when the club chose this Basque coach as the successor of Víctor Sánchez. His big failure to keep save SD Eibar for the campaign 2014/15, plus his unsuccessful project with Valladolid one year later, created big doubts if he was the right coach for a team that needed stability.

And time was going to confirm the doubts, because Garitano’s never fit at all at Depor. The team was always living close to the relegation zone and his tactics seemed to be too defensive and passive, his decisions with the changes during the games were frequently arriving late and weren’t changing the outcome. With Garitano on board, Depor only won 5 of the 27 officials games with him on the bench (23 in liga and 4 in Copa Del Rey)

He was fired after the big loss at CD Leganés (February 25). Truly there were other factors that influenced, like the exits of Lucas Pérez and Babel when the team needed them, or some decisions of the referees that influenced in the scores, but the coach also failed at the moment of finding an identity for a team that was precisely aspiring to find what its role in la liga is. 

During his goodbye, the Basque manager was trying to explain what happened, “It is a game, and I believe the points we have don’t correspond to what was shown on the pitch. I believe that we have done many things wrong, but many things happened to us, the most important player at the squad left after matchday 01, and later we lost again the most important player at the squad during December, and later in the games we missed the luck that was needed, but surely we did many things wrong and that’s why we are leaving.”

You have one of the shortest budgets and you know you will be fighting for those spots; surely, we missed luck and surely we failed in other things, that’s why we are leaving. We were brought here with two clear goals: the first was to get the goal in an easier way as in the past two seasons it was done until the end, until the last matchdays, truly the team remains at Primera but we didn’t achieve it with the easiness that we wanted. And later I came to fix the problems we had at the changing room, and I believe that now the changing room is fine, so I believe things have improved.” He added.
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Pepe Mel -Two sides- With the relegation surrounding Deportivo, the club decided to move the bench and Pepe Mel was hired at the end of February. His short career on the season was reduced to fifteen games and his numbers neither were good, this since Depor only won four games with him on board. And the main characteristic of his stage was that Deportivo showed two very different sides.

First a very convincing impression with Depor been able to chain four games adding eight points, and that facing tough rivals like Atlético and Barcelona in a frame of only ten days. But after the derby with RC Celta (March 19), the team turned to be an apathetic side that was only going to add two victories in eleven matchdays.

Truly Mel lived a tough situation as the compression of the calendar forced him to make quick decisions, this since, as the team played three games in one week in three different opportunities, he never tried to transmit his own style as a radical change wasn’t going to work in a short period of time. But it’s also true that his desperate measures, like sending one player from the starting eleven to the stand in a matter of days, didn’t work either, which creates doubts ahead of how he is going to control the team on next season.

Perhaps the best two things of Mel were that, at least, he tried to make different things, either different systems or changes during the games, something that was missed with Garitano. The other positive thing is that he always kept a sincere speech before the fans.

As example his view on the season in the press conference before the last game on the season against Las Palmas, “What’s clear to me is that the goal of Deportivo La Coruña cannot be to be saved in the penultimate game, so I understand why the fans aren’t content, it isn’t enough. The compromise is to receive the message. What I believe is that we all are disappointed as everybody expected a more protagonic team in la liga.” He said.
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