01 Jun 2017
Cristobal Parralo conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia, the coach of Deportivo B talked of the season that has ended and the initial plans ahead of the return to Segunda B.

Q: What are your first feelings after you have achieved the promotion?
A: Itís a great happiness to be able to achieve the goal. We are very happy about how it was, because after a long and hard season, we have been able to achieve this success.

Q: How do you sum up the year?
A: The team, without doubt, has gone from less to more. At the beginning, it was hard to us, because there were many new additions, including mine and the rest of the coaching staff. In addition, there were very young players, some gave the jump from Juvenile to Tercera. But little by little we were believing in our work. The players were convinced that what we did was what we needed in order to stop being a group and become a team, and they were convinced that we could achieve the goal. And it has been like that.

Q: Have people been unfair at any point with Fabril and Cristůbal Parralo?
A: I'm not the one who should analyse that. I have heard a lot of things, but both, I and the coaching staff, were clear on the path to follow, we havenít strayed from it and the things we have heard havenít affected us to stop doing our work as well as possible.

Q: Your players say that criticism served to unite them more.
A: Maybe, because the end is what it is, but I already told them before starting the game that I was proud of the work they had done all season long, that if we got the promotion, the better, because they deserved it, but I was already proud of all the work they have done throughout the season.

Q: From your words, it seems that you arenít looking for vengeance, that you donít want to pass bills now.
A: No, no, no ... I accept the criticism. I know Iím in a position where thereís pressure. There are compliments, there are criticisms... And if I accept some, I have to accept the others.

Q: Between ManjarŪn, Manuel Pablo and you, accumulate about 1,100 matches of experience like footballers in Primera Division. Your players highlight how much you have brought them.
A: Weíve tried to use our experience to enrich them. The players have seen the humility with which we have worked. You see Manuel Pablo and Javi ManjarŪn, who have been one more... The boys know that they can count with them, just like me, for anything, and that vital experience was transmitted to the maximum, so they could be enriched. But I think the important thing is that they have seen in us humility and hard work, and thatís the best thing we could offer, because with hard work itís easier to get anything.

Q: I suppose we're talking about complex situations that the players are facing, that you also met in the past, and explain how you were able to solve in your days.
A: Exactly. Apart from the timely corrections of the game, we try to pass on the experiences we have lived, which are many, and I think it has been very positive for them. And that's why they also believe in what we tell them.

Q: The first team will use only 22 spots. It seems that Fabril will have more chances.
A: I, the one working with the academy, am clear that I like to see the boys touching with the fingers the possibility of playing at the first team. And that would be an extra motivation for the players. So, I am delighted if it is like that.

Q: How do you see the future?
A: I think that once we celebrated the success of the promotion a bit, now what we must do shortly is to have some meetings to plan next season. It has taken us a long time to reach Segunda B and now we have to try to have clear ideas for not going back to Tercera.

Q: Do we talk about a project to achieve the permanence or for something else?
A: What you have to try is to consolidate the team at Segunda B. And from there, you have to try to have the best team possible, with players with projection.

Q: There are very young B squads and other B teams with experience. You use a mixed method. Will it continue like this?
A: This year we have been the youngest squad at Tercera with an average age of twenty years and some months. But I think we must have three or four veterans, who are there to lead the way for the others, who teach them how to compete... What Fabril has done this year is a good mix of very young players with some having more experience, but neither was something crazy... Most B squads have people that are much older than the players we have had and itís proven to be ideal. For example, Espanyol B was a very young team and couldnít stay at Segunda B. You have to think about the balance.

Q: Juvenil A are doing very well. Will you count on them?
A: Yes. Throughout the year I followed them very closely. Itís a very young team, there are only 3/4 players that are finishing that stage, the others will continue, and it has been a season similar to ours, from less to more. Next year it has to be a clear candidate to win the League and continue to grow with the players. It will be an issue to evaluate, too, if in the end we make a shorter squad, so that someone can help us. Although this year we have played with Ramon, Iago Carracedo, Pedro...



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