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02 Jun 2017
For now the salary cap at Deportivo is calculated in €24 million, but the amount could be increased, even doubling this number, depending in the negotiations for the debt.

Last week, president Tino Fernández talked of two different scenarios ahead of the transfer window 2017/18 and that the difference between both scenarios would depend of the negotiations to pay the debt. Now newspaper La Opinión A Coruña reports the amounts of both scenarios.

The existence of two scenarios takes place since the requalification of the privileged debt with the Tax Agency, which passed from €29 million to €50 million, this means a bigger amount to be paid in the short term and therefore a factor that negatively affects the next salary caps.

The club is currently negotiating with the Tax Agency a new plan to pay this debt and at the same time it’s searching for a bank eager to buy this debt and then have a more extended period for the payments. The goal is to not affect the increase in the salary cap, but since the negotiations haven’t been successful it was decided to work in two different scenarios.

Tino Fernández said on last week that the worst scenario is to not reach an agreement with the Tax Agency, which will lead to keep the same salary cap of the campaign 2016/17. La Opinión A Coruña confirmed that in this case the salary cap will be around the €24 million, which would be one of the lowest at Primera.

In the second scenario, Depor would reach an agreement with the Tax Agency or with a bank, which will allow the increase in the period for the payments, reduce the amount of each payment and then have room for a higher salary cap. The president didn’t want to tell reporters what this amount could be, but La Opinión A Coruña informed that it could even be the double (€48 million).

For now, the sporting secretariat is working with both scenarios; it doesn’t mean that there won’t be signings until the negotiations for the debt are closed, but it certainly means that some transfer operations won’t be signed until the uncertainty is cleared.



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