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04 Jun 2017
The city council of A Coruña presented on Friday the project to fix the problems of the roof at the Riazor, beyond a simple repair, it is a concept of remodelling with a cost of €8.23 million.

On Friday, an ambitious project to remodel the Riazor was presented by councilmen José Manuel Sande and Xiao Varela from the city hall in A Coruña. The Riazor was on the spotlight at the middle of the season after the game hosting Real Betis was suspended due to the weather conditions and the poor state of the stadium’s roof.

Some minor repairs were made and now the city council is making a step forward as this new project will not only fix the problem for good, but will also increase the are under cover. The plan is to replace entirely the roof at the Preferencia and Tribuna section, in the first section the roof will now cover 28 additional meters. Later, the roof in the Maratón and Pabellón sections will be fixed.

The iconic tensors will be removed and there will be a special protection at the back against the rain and wind. The cost of the new project is €8.23 million and it includes the replacement of the lawn, this since heavy machinery will be required inside the stadium.

The open tender for the project will be opened on next and week and by December the city council will choose the construction company that will handle the task. The work in the stadium will start on May 2018, just when the next liga ends and will last until May 2019.

Riazor should be closed for three months as long as the work in the Preferencia and Tribuna section are still open. The work in the Maratón and Pabellón section doesn’t need to close the stadium, so this will take place at the end and when the season 2018/19 is on.

Since the stadium will be closed for the summer of 2018, it means that Deportivo won’t be able to play friendly games during that pre-season, it means that the Teresa Herrera 2018 is uncertain. The city council could decide in cancel it for that year or simply delay it for December.



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