08 Jun 2017
Oriol Riera was interviewed by Sportpaper AS, the striker talked of his loan spell with CA Osasuna and his expectations for the future.

Q: How did you find yourself on your return to Pamplona?
A: It has been a difficult year in a sporting and non-sporting sense. When we returned we were expecting something different from what we saw. It has been complicated and it isnít nice to go down.

Q: From the outside it was seen a very strange atmosphere. You had up to three changes of coach...
A: The players werenít at the expected level, but itís also true that many things were done wrong. When you start a project where you know that the goal is going to be difficult but that you can fight, a change makes you think about other things... the team had a hard time dealing with it. We have saw different Osasuna teams this year and with so much change it is hard to have a good level.

Q: Did you think that you were going to play more?
A: Yes, there were times when I expected to play more than I played. In the end, people who were there preferred another type of player. But itís true that when I was better, and the level was optimum, it came the injuries. First the one in the ankle before Athletic, then the knee against MŠlaga... Each time I started, and was at one hundred percent, a problem was coming, the last one a muscle injury. These are injuries that stop you when you are better, when you start to notice yourself well. On a personal level I felt myself again, the Oriol of years ago, with strength, but the injuries stopped me.

Q: In A CoruŮa it neither was an easy year...
A: I keep in touch with many players and I know that they have gone wrong. At first, with Garitano, you were having a good time and were playing good football, but didnít get results. Everyone has seen it. You missed to kill the matches. They were lucky that the change of coach went well. They went up and were able to save themselves with some tranquillity.

Q: You left, Lucas left and the performance of the other attackers was irregular... Do you think of what could have been?
A: When Lucas left, I would probably have played much more than if he would have stayed, but you donít look back. My decision to go to Osasuna was on, because Garitano didnít count with me. I donít regret. We will never know what might have been. A player has to be where they appreciate him and where he is trusted.

Q: It seems that the game of Deportivo doesnít benefit strikers of your profile...
A: Playing with wingers exchanging their natural side is not the most beneficial thing for a striker, but there are other situations to generate danger. There were moments in which Depor played very well, with a lot of crosses into the area. But I donít think itís a tactical matter, instead itís more to bet on a type of player and trust him. A player makes a lot more when they give him confidence.

Q: What are your expectations?
A: I havenít considered anything yet. When I return, I must see the thinking of the club, mine and whatís the path we should take. I donít know what opinion the coach has of me.

Q: Do you feel the need to convince someone in this last year of your contract?
A: Everybody knows you when you have so many years of career. They know your values and how you play. It's not about convincing anyone, it's about being supported and that they believe in you. Playing in Primera is a dream and that's what I tried to hold on to.



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