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22 Dec 2006
The crisis lived inside of Depor is generating all kind of criticism against the coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s. The fans are asking for his exit, but president Lendoiro and the board of directors is still trusting in him. It seems that the club's officials are hoping that the return of Andrade and Valer??n plus the signing of a new striker would improve the situation.

A negative mark of nine matches without a victory, the latest results of the squad (1-4 Vs. Osasuna, 0-0 Vs. Racing, 0-4 Vs. Valencia, 0-2 Vs. Athletic Bilbao and 0-4 vs. Sevilla), and especially the image left by the team on those encounters, are enough reasons to be criticising the work done so far by Joaqu?­n Caparr??s. His continuous changes in the lineup, and the loss of effectiveness after the 1-1 draw with Barcelona are the main facts upsetting the fans.

A situation demonstrated with a poll built up by After 100 votes, 57% of the fans are thinking that the exit of the Utrera-born coach is the only solution to the crisis lived by the club. A tendency confirmed in the website (52% wants to see Caparr??s out of Depor).

But president Lendoiro and the board of directors are thinking in a different way. According to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a, Lendoiro and the club's officials are still trusting in Caparr??s. The paper consulted with some of the main advisors of Lendoiro, and nobody expressed his doubts about the continuity of the Sevillan coach.

According to La Opini??n, the board of directors is hoping that the return of Andrade, Pablo ?lvarez and Valer??n plus the signing of a new striker, would be enough motives that will allow to see a reaction in the squad. This paper wrote the words of one of the club's directors (the name wasn't revealed): "As soon as these players are ready, the squad will be in condition to start a comeback." In this way, its possible to affirm that Joaqu?­n Caparr??s's job isn't in danger, at least for the moment.

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