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11 Jul 2017
Depor’s president talked of the interest in Diego Alves, the chances of recovering Lucas Pérez and Carles Gil, while he summarized the situation in the summer transfer window.

President Tino Fernández answered questions from reporters during a public act in which it was present this weekend’s friendly game against SD Silva. He wasn’t content with the leaks and remembered that the situation remains tight despite the club improved its financial situation.

“The new economic situation is giving us the strength to keep players, but it isn’t an unlimited strength. If someone thinks that by changing the structure of the debt we are rich, then they are wrong. We are having the same difficulties, but with a different structure. We already made an important operation, the one of Guilherme, and surely can make one more, but we need to distribute the money. We need to be rigorous and cannot be involved in every operation, we need to distribute the money.” He commented.

Fernández admitted the interest in Valencia’s keeper Diego Alves, “It’s true that we are talking with the agents of Diego Alves and with Valencia, but nothing is done. I don’t like to see these leaks coming out, basically because it doesn’t help in the operation. It’s a player that interest us, like others, but nothing is done.”

Asked one more time for Lucas Pérez, Depor’s boss commented that, “The possibility of brining Lucas Pérez back to Depor is remote, we need to be realistic. Arsenal told us in the past that they didn’t want the exit of Lucas and we understand that things remain the same. If there’s a change then we will present an offer. Our respect for Arsenal is absolute. No matter what we do, we will do it with them. We have a good relation. But Deportivo cannot assume all those operations that have been mentioned in the media.”

He was also questioned about the possible return of Carles Gil to Deportivo, “We like him and he was already here, but from that point to say that’s done, a lot remains. We need to be rigorous and make a feasible project.”

Finally, Tino Fernández talked of exits, first about the possible departure of Álex Bergantiños, “We don’t have any offer over the desk that we are valorising. But who decides is him. Sporting, Tenerife, Rayo Vallecano… Bergantiños is a luxury in Segunda División and if he leaves then he will be the one deciding. The destiny is something he has to decide with his agents. The terms of the exit depend on the negotiation. The case with Laure was different, because he came with an offer of three years plus an additional season.”

Then he said that, despite the rumours, there are no offers for Depor’s players, “There isn’t any offer for our players. Neither Çolak, nor Juanfran, nor Sidnei… which are the names mentioned in the media. There’s a lot of noise, even the agents of Sidnei told us that he could leave, but for the moment there’s nothing.”



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