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15 Jul 2017
The right-back addressed the media and explained why he signed for Depor. He is expecting to fulfill the fans’ expectations.

Gerard Valentin conceded a press conference on Friday. He was explaining his arrival to Depor, “This opportunity came recently, the true is that things were fast and I’m enchanted for been here. I never hesitated. I didn’t think twice and am enchanted. I come in order to work. I am a very offensive player, but always trying to be focused in defence.”

About his expectations at Depor, he commented that, “Depor is an historic club, I know its history and watched some of the games at Primera. After knowing that I will be here I started to get information of the city and everything is fine. When the offer arrived I was really hopeful. You cannot think twice when an offer from a big club in Primera arrives.”

About his first days in A Coruńa, the right-back said that he is feeling great, “Everything was fine. The people are warm and I’m fine.” Then he said that nothing has been discussed with Pepe Mel, “So far we haven’t talked too much with the coach, we just said hello.”

Finally, Valentin was asked about the competence for the position with Juanfran and Borja Valle fighting for the same spot, “I will try to work hard and compete for the position. I am hopeful and will try to learn new things. “ 





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