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22 Jul 2017
Pele Mel gave his impressions about the debut in liga against Real Madrid, while he also commented the recent news in the transfer window.

Coach Pepe Mel addressed the media after Friday’s training, he talked of the situation in the market and the fact that Real Madrid is the first rival in liga. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Debut in liga against Real Madrid: “It was clear, it was one of the possibilities. What we must do it to be well prepared. We expect a different scenario to last season’s game, another thing for sure is that we already have a player that won’t take part [Valverde] and we need to be prepared. You never know with the calendars, you can be facing a big team at the end and they are playing for nothing and therefore are less fierce. You never know. Some people prefer to face the big ones at the start as they lack pace. Real Madrid are an important team, with a lot of variants and with great players. They won la liga and the Champions and we need to show our best facet. Knowing we face the best team in the world, we will try our best remembering the errors of last year’s game.”

The signing of Schär: “I will be short on this: I am enchanted with the four centre-backs that we have on here. The club told me that we needed to prevent a new case as the one with Lucas, and there’s a chance to live a similar thing during this season, so we were forced to make the movement. We know the player, but he arrives for this reason. We preview that we can have a movement on that position in the near future.”

Pending signings: “Look, what worries me is the striker. I was forced to use Óscar Pinchi and Zaka Bakkali there, even Fede [Cartabia] was prepared for that position. I am worried for that, the delay can cause a disadvantage for that player as he will be less prepared than the rest. The sporting direction knows it and they are trying to close all the possibilities. We can also sign a left winger. It isn’t easy.”

The first signings: “Fede Valverde has been great, I am content with everyone, even Bakkali arrived in order to demonstrate things.”

Róber: “He has surprised me, that’s why I told you before that I was pleased with the four centre-backs.”

Exits: “The players know their role, I have spoken with all of them. There are players that already know that they must search for another place. I already said that, apart from the three keepers, I don’t like to have more than 22 players.” 

Francis “Depor has found a pearl and we need to take care of it. When a player has possibilities then you need to take care of his future. At this point he isn’t competing for a spot at the first team, but you realize of his possibilities. You see him growing and we think that we have secured an important place in the future.”

Joel Robles: “It’s true. We are negotiating. It’s a mistake to have three keepers, but that’s an issue for the sporting secretariat. And you already know that we had a problem with a keeper that we wanted and that decided for another thing.” 





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