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23 Jul 2017
New victory and new solid performance by Bruno Gama. But Bicho was the best man on the pitch and the only outfield played that performed for 90 minutes. Bakkali scored his first goal with Depor.

Sixth friendly game in the pre-season. Fede Cartabia and Carles Gil were left out of the meeting for precaution as the pitch at As Eiroas is artificial grass. Gerard Valentín was also out due to a muscle problem. The rival was Bergantiños CF, club that competes at Tercera División. The game also served as farewell to Roberto Piñeiro, who was retiring (he played the first 20 minutes)

The lineup was a 4-3-3 figure. Francis was the goalkeeper, Juanfran covered the right-back position, the left side in defence was for Luisinho, while Albentosa and Róber were the centre-backs.

Fede Valverde, Guilherme and Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Bruno Gama was the right winger, Bicho attacked from the left flank, and Florin Andone was the centre forward.

Bergantiños was a good opponent, well placed on the pitch and releasing quick attacks that gave a lot of problems Depor had the initiative at the start and a couple of approximations, but Bergantiños had the first chance to score after Róber fouled Piñeiros inside the area, the referee whistled the penalty and the same Piñeiros missed the chance for the locals as he hit the crossbar firing from the spot.

Three minutes later Deportivo had its first opportunity, Andone collected a long ball from defence and his header was cleared to corner-kick by local goalie Cristopher. The first goal came in a combination inside the area, Guilherme assisted Bruno Gama, who fired from the left side of the area crossing Cristopher.

At minute 15, Francis made a save blocking a drilling shot from Rubén Rivera. In the next play Andone headed the ball out.  At minute 19, Juanfran attempted a volley from outside the area, but Cristopher made the catch.

Bicho had the next opportunity with a shot from close range that was saved by Cristopher (24’). At minute 35, Andone couldn’t solve a one-on-one action before Cristopher.Two minutes later, it was Bruno Gama who attempted from the left side of the area, and his shot was deflected.

And Bergantiños got a deserved reward for their effort with the equalizer, Aitor sent a long pass into the path of Rubén Rivera, who beat the mark of Róber to end crossing Francis, but the tie only lasted two minutes because Bruno Gama assisted Andone and the Romanian didn’t miss from close range. Bruno Gama was the best player in the first half and his contribution had an impact in the scoresheet (a goal and an assist).

For the second half, Mel changed nine of the eleven starters. Only Francis and Bicho stayed on the ground. Bakkali had the first opportunity in the second half, it was a counterattack in which he couldn’t surpass the last defender (53’).

The game was more boring in the final part, Depor were happy moving the ball around, while Bergantiños CF were no longer releasing quick attacks, though they kept a well-placed block on the field, reason why there were no clear chances to score after the first 20 minutes.

At minute 65, Bergantiños CF almost score an own goal, it was a combination between Bakkali and Bicho that was cleared by a defender with the ball going out close to the near post. Two minutes later Borges attempted a low shot that was blocked by substitute keeper Rodri.

Then Depor scored the third goal, it was a free-kick play in which Bicho surprised everyone assisting Borja Valle and he scored with a strong shot firing from the edge of the box. Bicho was the best man on the pitch, always adding a plus to the team, like in the play of this goal.

Until this point the local side had contained Depor, but things changed when they made six substitutions allowing the entry of their younger players. Then, without facing the same opposition. Depor scored two straight goals, first Çolak released a cross that Arribas headed into the net, one minute later the Turkish was the one scoring after collecting a drilling cross from Saúl García. Bakkali closed the account with a solo-play in which he crossed the keeper.

Bergantiños: (4-2-3-1) Cristopher - Rubén, Josito, Iago, Aaron - Marcos, Iago -; Aitor, Piñeiro, Jorge Sáez - Rubén Rivera. Also played Rodri, Iago Blanco, Baleato, Antas, Miguel Mallo, Alvite, Assier, Calviño & Ricardo.
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Francis – Juanfran (Borja Valle 46’), Albentosa (Arribas 46’), Róber (Sidnei 46’), Luisinho (Navarro 46’) – Guilherme (Edu Expósito 46’), Mosquera (Borges 46’), Valverde (Colak 46’) – Bruno Gama (Saúl 46’), Andone (Bakkali 46’), Bicho.
Goals: 0-1: (13’) Bruno Gama, 1-1: (41’) Rubén Rivera, 1-2: (43’) Andone, 1-3: (68’) Borja Valle, 1-4: (78’) Arribas, 1-5: (79’) Çolak, 1-6: (83’) Bakkali
Venue: Manuel Candocia



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