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25 Jul 2017
Schr trained for the first time with the team and also addressed the media. He said to be ready to play after making the pre-season in Germany.

Fabian Schr addressed the media on Monday before the training session. He explained his arrival to Depor, The last time I made contact with the guys of Deportivo, they really wanted me to come here. I felt really good to come here and Im happy to be at Deportivo. For me its a very big club, with a big history. They won the league, so Im proud to be here. Im proud to use this shirt. From the first day I was contacted with Deportivo, I felt a good feeling and it was easy to decide. This is the right step and hopefully I can have a new chapter in my career. I am happy to play la liga and hope we can be good. Maybe the team is not the same of the past year fifteen years, but last season they made a step forward and hopefully we can have a good season.

Asked about why he didnt play too much at 1899 Hoffenheim during last season, the centre-back responded that, Its difficult to say. I had a really good time in Basilea and the national team, but last season wasnt great to me. It was great for the club, for Hoffenheim, but not for me. I was injured and I am happy to be here.

The Swish international was also asked about his expectations one year before the World Cup, but he only said that, I want to play here. I am ready to play in la liga and the rest is coming. We still have difficult games with the national team, but my mind is only in Deportivo. The rest it will come.

About the competence at the centre-back position, he said that, In each good club you have good players for each position. In the end you want to play and I think that, if everybody is fine, the best one will play, but I am here to demonstrate to the club and the coach that I can help. I will try my best and Im ready to play in la liga. The coach gave me a view of what the team needs and in my opinion this move as the right decision to me.

Schr described himself, My game is a player that likes to play from behind, so it was my decision to come here, because the coach explained to me how he wants to play, and I think I can help the team with my skills. I have a good first pass and la liga is the competition where everyone wants to play, and I like this.

He was asked about the first game in liga facing Real Madrid, At the end you have to play against each one. I dont think its important when we face Real Madrid, but we have one less month to be prepared. We will do everything for the surprise.

Finally, Schr talked of his current physical situation, I am ready. Im in shape. I completed two weeks of work in Germany. Good and hard work. The pre-season in Germany isnt easy and I think I am ready. I feel good and Im ready.



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