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26 Jul 2017
New victory in the pre-season of Deportivo. Bakkali scored twice, Bruno Gama shone again and Andone ended injured

Seventh friendly game in the pre-season. Fabian Schär was picked for the first time, while Cartabia and Gerard Valentín were returning. Carles Gil and Luisinho were out for injury reasons. The rival was Pontevedra CF, club from Segunda B and the game represented the LVIII edition of the Luis Otero trophy.

The lineup was a 4-3-3 figure. Tytoń was the goalkeeper, Juanfran covered the right-back position, the left side in defence was for Navarro, while Arribas and Sidnei were the centre-backs.

Guilherme, Pedro Mosquera and Fede Valverde were the midfielders, Bruno Gama was the right winger, Fede Cartabia attacked from the left flank, and Florin Andone was the centre forward.

The first goal arrived at minute 10, Cartabia got the ball after a rebound in a cross from the left and he scored from close range. In that play Andone, who was the one making the cross, picked a knock and was replaced by Bakkali. Depor were controlling the actions at will and Valverde had the next chance with a low shot that keeper Edu Sousa cleared to corner-kick (19’).

Bruno Gama missed the target in a direct free-kick action (25’) and Deportivo continued having the ball possession. Pontevedra CF was well-placed on the pitch, but lacked depth and left some holes when they were trying to put pressure, which allowed Los Blanquiazules to practice a fast and combinative game.

The second goal arrived after a beautiful assist of Cartabia, who made a pass with the heel that allowed Bakkali to get the ball inside the area, then the Belgian dribbled Goldar to end crossing Edu.

No changes were made at Deportivo for the second half. The third goal arrived after a cross from Cartabia that Bakkali connected at the far post, three minutes later the action was close to be repeated, but this time substitute keeper Anxo Pérez caught the ball before reaching a receiver.

Bakkali was the best player for Depor in the game, always finding the cracks at the local defense and with the assists of Cartabia, the other player that shone in the meeting. The best chance for Pontevedra came at minute 68, Prosi got the ball inside the area and was alone before Tytoń, but he sent the ball out.

Depor made the changes at minute 73, only Tytoń, Navarro and Bruno Gama stayed on the pitch. Among the eight substitutions Fabian Schär was making his debut with Deportivo. The game reduced the pace, but Depor continued having opportunities.

It had three in three minutes, first it was Borja Valle (76’), then Çolak missed the target from outside the box (77’), and then Borja Valle scored from close range after been assisted by Bruno Gama. And there was time for a fifth goal as the Portuguese winger scored entering the area by the left wing to end releasing a curved shot into the far post. Bruno Gama also had a good game, which was crowned at the end with a goal and an assist.

Pontevedra: (4-2-3-1) Edu – Miguel, David Castro, Goldar, Bruno Rivada – Kevin, Mouriño – David Añon, Álex Fernández, Echaniz – Álex González. Also played: Jimmy, Anxo, Adrián León, Prosi, Carlos Ramos, Garrido, Lezcano, Juan & Jorge Hernández.
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Tytoń – Juanfran (Gerard Valentín 73’), Arribas (Schär 73’), Sidnei (Albentosa 73’), Navarro – Guilherme (Edu Expósito 73’), Mosquera (Borges 73’), Valverde (Bicho 73’) – Bruno Gama, Andone (Bakkali 15’)(Çolak 73’), , Cartabia (Borja Valle 73’)
Goals: 0-1: (10’) Cartabia, 0-2: (35’) Bakkali, 0-3: (53’) Bakkali , 0-4: (78’) Borja Valle, 0-5: (81’) Bruno Gama
Venue: Pasarón



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