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28 Jul 2017
After all the speculations, Juanfran is now saying that he wants to stay at Deportivo. He admitted offers, but also said that he won’t leave.

Juanfran Moreno addressed the media on Thursday, he started analyzing the pre-season of Deportivo, “We are working really well. Truly, we had many games again lower league rivals that are good in order to gain pace and physical condition, but that ends todays. The reality starts on Sunday [friendly against FC Porto].”

About his physical state, the right-back said that he is feeling great, “I am feeling fine. Last year I missed almost the entire pre-season due to an injury, this year I was able to complete it. We still have to fix some things.”

Then Juanfran started to talk about the rumours pointing to his exit, from the start he was saying that the intention is to stay at Deportivo, “I have no doubts. The doubts were created in the outside and not inside me. I have a clear picture of what I want and what I want is to be here.”

He continued talking of the issue and also admitted offers from foreign leagues, “I never said otherwise. They sent me to Turkey. They sent to Russia. They sent me to France and I assumed it as a joke, because I was surprised. Many people saw me with a plane ticket, but that was never my position. Truly I had four or five options to leave, but the right offer never arrived. Before an agreement between the player and the club must be done, but I never wanted to leave Deportivo. I fought to be here, and now that everything is done I don’t have motives for been wanting to leave.”

“It’s true that we had the option to go to Turkey, Russia, Belgium and France. Richard [Barral] was also aware of it, but we never wanted to leave. The only reason to leave is that the coach doesn’t want me, but it isn’t happening. I have a daughter that was born on here seven months ago and don’t have any motive to leave. I am happy and am very lucky to spend three years on here playing more than 100 games. I want to help Deportivo to become bigger.”

Finally, Juanfran talked of the subject of who should be the captain of the first team, “For me it would be a honour to be the captain of Deportivo, but we have one that’s Pedro Mosquera. We respect him and will continue to be the captain, another one that should come is Lucas, and I have a favorite that’s Celso Borges. He is an example to everyone. He would be a great captain.”  




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