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31 Jul 2017
First defeat on the pre-season and a big one, the errors and the lack of quality marked a game in which Deportivo left a negative impression.

Ninth friendly game in the pre-season. Bruno Gama and Andone were back, while Celso Borges missed the game due to a knock.  Carles Gil (groin) and Tytoń (quadriceps), who also missed the game with racing Ferrol, stayed out of the roster. The game was the presentation of FC Porto in front of their fans, including n coach Sérgio Conceição.

The lineup was a 4-3-3 figure. Rubén Martínez was the goalkeeper, Juanfran Moreno covered the right-back position, the left side in defence was for Luisinho, while Albentosa and Sidnei were the centre-backs.

Fede Valverde, Guilherme and Pedro Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Bruno Gama was the right winger, Bakkali attacked from the left flank, then Florin Andone < was the centre forward.

Deportivo had big problems to feel comfortable on the pitch, it suffered a lot within the first twenty-five minutes, it allowed a goal and later improved, to the point of deserving the draw, but instead the locals scored a second goal before the pause.

The first opportunity came at minute 2, Soares headed out a cross coming from the left. The first chance for Depor was a shot by Mosquera from 60 meter that missed the target (6’). That was going to be the lonely opportunity for the visiting side within the first 20 minutes.

At minute 9. Rubén Martínez made a great save deflecting a downward header by Felipe that was searching for the low corner. Then first goal arrived, it was bon after a combination on the left, a cross from Brahimi was met by Corona at the far post, he hit the woodwork, and after a deflection by Luisinho, Aboubakar scored at will firing from inside the box.

Juanfran was having big problems defending his side, Porto were charging their game there and later was feeling comfortable in defence, because Depor’s attacks were ending at the edge of the local area. Meanwhile, Porto were creating danger in every approach, at minute 25, Soares headed a cross from the right and he sent the ball over the crossbar.

Albentosa picked an injury at the middle of the half and he was replaced by Fabian Schär, and just seconds after the substitution Depor had a double chance to tie the game. First, Porto failed in the output of the ball and Bruno Gama fired a low shot from the edge of the area, Casillas made the deflection (28’), and in the resulting corner-kick Andone headed the ball inside the area, but he missed the target despite been alone.

At minute 32, Aboubakar found a loose ball at the left corner of the area, but his crossed shot missed the target. Five minutes later, Bruno Gama attempted from the edge of the area, but the ball hit Marcano. The winger

Depor improved a lot within the last twenty minutes and Bakkali had the next chance with a shot that was blocked by Casillas, but in the next play the Portuguese rival scored the second goal. Corona got the ball at the left side of the area and released a short cross, Aboubakar arrived before Schär to just push the ball in.

The second half started with a Deportivo that was pushing harder in attack, putting pressure upfront and having the ball closer to Porto’s area, but the first clear opportunity in the half was for the locals. Brahimi made the play on the left and his low shot was cleared by Rubén Martínez (49’).

Then the third goal arrived, and it was a big error between Sidnei and Rubén Martínez, both players were exchanging the ball after Depor were in offense and, instead of clearing the ball before the pressure, the Brazilian tried a pass to Luisinho, instead Jesús Corona intercepted the ball to end crossing Depor’s keeper from the left side in the area.

Then both sides started to make changes. Depor made four with Edu Expósito, Fede Cartabia, Çolak and Navarro replacing Mosquera, Valverde, Bruno Gama and Luisinho. Four minutes later Gerard Valentín replaced Andone.

As it could be expected the game lost brilliance with the modifications, Porto were no longer pushing, while the attacks of Depor were ending in shots without any problem for substitute goalie José Sá. Depor made other three substitutions with Bicho, Arribas and Borja Valle replacing Valverde, Sidnei and Bakkali.

The next opportunity in the game was for Porto, Bicho lost the ball at Depor’s side of the field, then the locals released a counterattack that ended with substitute João Teixeira missing the target from close range (81’). The final change at Depor was the entry of Róber for Guilherme.

And there was enough time for a fourth goal, and again after a big error in the output of the ball. Instead of clearing the danger, Rubén Martínez passed the ball to Róber, who was facing pressure at the edge of the area and, after attempting a pass to a team mate, the centre-back ended assisting Moussa Marega, who didn’t miss from close range.

Porto: (4-4-2) Casillas (Sá 59’) - Ricardo Pereira (Hernâni 62’), Felipe (Herrera 59’), Marcano, Alex Telles (Layún 59’) – Danilo (Sergio Oliveira 70’); Corona (Otávio 59’), Óliver (Maxi 59’), Brahimi (Reyes 59’) – Soares (Teixeira 70’) (Diego Reyes 89’), Aboubakar (Marega 62’)
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Rubén Martínez – Juanfran (Bicho 77’), Albentosa (Schär 28’), Sidnei (Arribas 77’), Luisinho (Navarro 62’) – Mosquera (Edu Expósito 62’), Guilherme (Róber 84’), Valverde (Çolak 62’) – Bruno Gama (Cartabia 62’), Andone (Gerard Valentín 66’), Bakkali (Borja Valle 77’).
Goals: 1-0: (13’) Aboubakar, 2-0: (42’) Aboubakar, 3-0 (54’) Corona, 4-0: Marega (87’)
Venue: Estádio do Dragão (47,609)



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