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04 Aug 2017
Disappointing game for Deportivo, the Galicians only completed three shots on target in the whole game and gave the feeling of not been prepared for the Primera season that starts in two weeks.

Tenth friendly game in the pre-season. Coach Pepe Mel only picked 18 players and rested men like Guilherme, Juanfran and Sidnei. Meanwhile, Przemysław Tytoń was returning after missing the last friendly games due to injury reasons.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 figure. Tytoń was the goalkeeper, Gerard Valentín covered the right-back position, the left side in defence was for Fernando Navarro, while Albentosa and Arribas were the centre-backs.

Edu Expósito and Pedro Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Borja Valle attacked from the right wing, Fede Cartabia did it from the left, Emre Çolak was the playmaker and Florin Andone was the centre forward.

Poor presentation for Deportivo, the team only felt comfortable on the pitch during the first part, but it only completed shots on target until the second half. The game had a slow start as both sides lasted in finding their place on the pitch, Depor claimed the ball possession with the passage of the minutes, but lacked depth, so the attention of the public was more in the constant clashes between Andone and Verdes.

Depor were focusing the game on the left wing due the pressure at the centre, but the long passes were missing the target. The first approximation for the Galicians was a cross from Navarro that didn’t find a receiver (17’).

Gerard Valentin left glimpses of his skills to dribble the rivals, but it wasn’t enough to release dangerous crosses. Fede Cartabia was also pretty active, but neither Çolak nor Mosquera added clarity at midfield, so the first part continued to be boring. The first half was so dreadful that there were no shots on target completed by both teams.

The second half had a promising start, because Real Oviedo completed the first shot on target in the game only 25 seconds after the kick-off, it was a shot from Miguel Linares that didn’t give problems to Tytoń. Anyhow, it was only a mirage as the game continued to be boring.

Oviedo gave a step forward, but it wasn’t enough to give problems to the visiting defence. Neither Depor were giving a sense of danger. The first approximation for the Galicians was a shot by Andone that missed the target (52’).

Then Mel made three changes. Bruno Gama, Fabian Schär and Fede Valverde replaced Arribas, Mosquera and Andone. The first shot on target for Depor came at minute 62, Cartabia fried from long range in a counterattack action and keeper Juan Carlos Sánchez deflected the ball.

Depor didn’t feel comfortable in the second part, it was facing a constant pressure and didn’t have presence in attack; curiously, their three shots on target in the game came in this part. The next two changes were the entries of Bicho and Bakkali for Cartabia and Çolak. Bakkali had the next chance to score with a shot from the left side of the area that Sánchez saved (67’).

José Maria Mossa had the best chance for Oviedo at minute 75, it was in a lateral free-kick in which he headed the ball out. Then Luisinho replaced Navarro. The last chance for Depor was a direct free-kick from Bakkali that was deflected by Sánchez (86’).

Oviedo: (4-4-2) Sánchez - Johannesson, Verdés, Folch, Christian – Saúl Berjón, Pucko, Rocha, Valentini – Linares, Toché. Also played: Carlos Hernández, Herrero, Prendes, Mossa, Viti & Ortiz.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Tytoń – Gerard Valentín, Albentosa, Arribas (Schär 57’), Navarro (Luisinho 75’) – Edu Expósito, Mosquera (Valverde 57’) – Borja Valle, Çolak (Bakkali 65’), Cartabia (Bicho 65’) – Andone (Bruno Gama 57’)
Venue: Carlos Tartiere.




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