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13 Aug 2017
Victory for Deportivo in the final friendly on the pre-season, Andone, Cartabia and Borges scored the goals with the team leaving a positive impression.

Twelfth and final friendly game in the pre-season. Coach Pepe Mel was still missing Carles Gil, while Fede Valverde was out due to illness. The match was the 4tth edition of the Telde trophy facing Segunda club CF Tenerife.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 figure. Rubén Martínez was the goalkeeper, Juanfran Moreno covered the right-back position, the left side in defence was for Luisinho, while Fabian Schär and Alejandro Arribas were the centre-backs.

Guilherme and Celso Borges were the centre midfielders, Bruno Gama attacked from the right wing, Zakaria Bakkali did it from the left, Fede Cartabia was the playmaker and Florin Andone was the centre forward.

Deportivo always felt comfortable on the pitch before a rival having big problems to attack as their quick moves were always intercepted by Guilherme, Borges and the centre-backs. Brian Martín completed the first shot on target with a low attempt that was easy for Rubén Martínez (2’), in the next play Bakkali made a solo move that ended with a shot that missed the target. At minute 5, Guilhermeheaded out a cross from Cartabia.

The game was entertaining, Depor had fluency and depth, while Tenerife were putting speed up front. The Galician continued having the scoring chances, the next one was for Cartabia after a play by Bakkali on the left, the shot from the Argentine was blocked by local goalie Dani Hernández (12’).

Depor were insisting on the left wing, at minute 21, a new play by Bakkali ended with a shot of Luisinho that was cleared to corner-kick by Dani. But the goal came by the first attack on the right wing. Juanfran was alone after collecting a pass from Cartabia, the right-back released a high cross that Andone headed inside the box, the ball hit the crossbar and went in by the far post.

The visiting side could have scored the second at minute 32, Schär assisted Bakkali with a long pass, but the winger missed the target from the edge of the area. In the next play, Tenerife had its first big chance, it was a combination between Suso and Tayron that ended with the latter firing from close range, Rubén Martínez made the save.

And then Deportivo scored the second goal, Juanfran again assisted, this time with a low cross that passed between four players to see Cartabia scoring from inside the box. The third goal could have arrived before the break, but Bakkali couldn’t resolve after a new pass from the defence (45’).

Pepe Mel made two changes for the second half, Tytoń and Pedro Mosquera entered for Rubén Martínez and Andone. The changes switched the draw into a 4-3-3 pulling Bakkali into the centre of the attack.

Juanfran completed the first shot on target in the half with a drilling attempt blocked by Dani (47’). Tayron had the first chance in the half for Tenerife with a direct free-kick that was blocked by Tytoń (53’), in the counterattack Bakkali missed a new solo play as his drilling shot passed close to the far post.

A big error of Arribas almost cost a goal, he missed a pass at the back, it was intercepted by Bryan Acosta and later Suso scored, but he was offside (56’). And one minute later Depor were awarded with a penalty, again Bakkali was making the play between three defenders, he fell into the ground and Borges scored the third goal from the penalty spot.

Then Deportivo made the remaining seven changes. Navarro, Albentosa, Çolak, Sidnei, Gerard Valentín, Borja Valle and Edu Expósito entered the pitch and the draw returned to be a 4-2-3-1. Borges and Fede Cartabia were the only players that stayed on the pitch for the full game.
The modifications, plus several tough tackles, reduced the pace of the game. Depor spent the last twenty minutes passing the ball on the ground, while Tenerife tried to insist, but it never created any problem to Tytoń.

Tenerife: (4-4-2) Dani – Iñaki (Camille 46’), Vitolo, Suso, Tayron (Faridi 62’), - Brian Martín (Nadjib 46’), Aitor Sanz, Juan Carlos (Bryan Acosta 46’), Aveldaño (Alberto 62’) – Jorge (Carlos Ruiz 62’), Luis Pérez (Raúl Cámara 83’)
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Rubén Martínez (Tytoń 46’) – Juanfran (Gerard 59’), Schär (Albentosa 59’), Arribas (Sidnei 59’), Luisinho (Navarro 59’) – Borges, Guilherme (Edu Expósito 59’) – Bruno Gama (Çolak 59’), Cartabia, Bakkali (Borja Valle 59’) – Andone (Mosquera 46’).
Goals: 0-1: (26’) Andone, 0-2: (33’) Cartabia, 0-3: (58’) Borges (penalty)
Referee: Marta Huerta de Aza.
Venue: Los Cuartos




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