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16 Aug 2017
The new captain of Deportivo was the first player to address media as the liga season kick-offs. He tries to be optimistic ahead of the debut against Real Madrid.

Pedro Mosquera was the first player that conceded a press conference as the liga season begins, he started analyzing the status of the team after the concentration in Vilalba, “We arrive pretty well, it has been a good week and we arrive in a good moment. Since the first day the environment was great, both the people that were already here and the new ones. I believe the new people have integrated and the stage was useful to know each other better.”

About the fact that he is the new captain of the team, the midfielder commented that, “It’s a pride for any coruñes to be the first captain of Deportivo, or any team from the academy. I will try to represent the club in the best possible way. We hope to have harmony and have a good year.”

Then he talked of the debut with Real Madrid, the Galician man was analyzing the way to face the match, “We cannot be afraid, we respect any rival, especially Madrid for the level they are living. They are used to important games and will arrive with a high pace. We must try to counteract them, we must try to be brave at home.”

“It’s a team that allows you to have the ball more time compared to Barcelona, but we know that, at that moment you are too confident, they have fast people to surprise you. You need to know when to be open and when to be closed.  We must be smart in order to make a good game. Against Madrid, we have a lot to win and nothing to lose. These are three points and must earn good feelings and the points. It’s a good way to start the league, facing a very strong rival.” He added.

Mosquera denied that Real Madrid are going to be affected by the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo [suspended for his sent off in the Supercopa] “Right now, with the squad that Madrid have, they lose a player with an incredible potential, but they have a spectacular bench, so I don’t think it will be a factor for us.”

Asked about his past in the academy of Real Madrid, he started to praise Deportivo, “In football, the past isn’t useful. I am only thinking of Deportivo. I am enchanted to wear this badge. It’s a club with history and we will try to do our best.”

He was also taking of the systems tested by Pepe Mel, “We have tested several systems, the other day we played with a diamond figure at the centre. I believe the systems have worked, we made a great game in the Teresa Herrera playing with two centre midfielders, but when the coach needs a new system, we will be there.”

Finally, Mosquera was talking of Adrian’s first day in trainings, “He already trained with us and you can see that he has quality. He has spent many years at Primera División and you already know him. We hope he can adapt quickly.”



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