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26 Aug 2017
Depor’s coach didn’t want to talk of the transfer market, while he announced that Rubén will be the starting goalie. Levante’s coach hopes to see his team keeping the same level of the previous meeting.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked for twenty minutes and eluded the questions regarding Lucas Pérez. He announced that Rubén will stay at the goal and hopes to see his team winning games on the road. The  following is a summary of the things he said.

Bakkali: “He has a certain muscle problem and we must valorize if he should be a starter or not. It seems he trained well, so he’s on the roster. The true is that we will talk with the doctors and also with him before the game, because the risk is that he would be a sure change if he is a starter.”

Same lineup?: “I am satisfied with what we did on Sunday, for how the team responded. I believe we did well, with things that can be improved of course, but you see things and Depor competed well. Now to think of the next game.”

Lucas Pérez: “I won’t talk anymore of Lucas Pérez, because it isn’t worthy. I am worried for the ones on here. The players on here are the ones solving the problems. The candy is in the grocery store, not here. I consider ridiculous to talk of the market with the competition on. Lucas won’t be in Valencia, so why I should  talk of that? You affect your team if you start talking of who isn’t here.”

Carles Gil injured in the last training: “It left us a little cold, because we love him and want him to be ready. The club bets on him and let’s see what the doctors say. The player didn’t have the green light of the doctors and this could happen. You feel it from him, maybe he will have to go back, but we rely in the doctors. He will undergo scans.”

Away games: “If you want to make a good season you need to have the same performance away and at home, if not it’s very difficult, if not you are in trouble. We have a data against us: of 57 away games we only won 7. It’s negative and we need to improve, starting tomorrow.”

VAR: “I don’t know if it should be introduced, what I can tell you is that the referees and the coaches have the most difficult tasks in the game, big part of the blame is always on them. A machine that don’t make mistakes cannot harm you.”

Albentosa out again of the roster: “This is only the beginning. I talked to Raúl at the start of the season. I understand that he isn’t content, but he is very professional. The only thing I can say is that we chose other solutions. But the situation can be changed. He wanted to have a conversation about his status, a normal thing. He isn’t here, but it doesn’t mean that he won’t help us in the future.”

Rubén will be a starter: “I am here in order to bring confidence to the people, not to remove it from them. Rubén must think that the coach put him to play against Real Madrid and the coach will put him to play against Levante. More confidence than that is impossible.”

Players out of the roster: “I need to see everyone pressing, because the competitions are long and we will need everyone. A team like Depor cannot achieve things with thirteen players, we need much more.”

Çolak as a starter?: “Tomorrow the only starter is Rubén. I am satisfied and when a coach is satisfied he doesn’t move too many things, but the rival is different and proposes different things, so our reaction must be different. Emre must be here in order to make a better Depor. A coach must extract the best from the footballer as long as it makes us better. Emre has a lot of good things and we need to unbalance the game with that.”

Levante: “It’s a team that works together, with a line of five men at the centre, with a good left flank composed by Morales and Toño. They bring intensity and have good players in set-pieces. It isn’t easy to be promoted been the champion at Segunda and are carrying a positive streak, it’s the Levante we are going to meet. We need to be focused in our game, if not then we will suffer.”

Penalties: “We joke about it, but I am no longer laughing. To miss the 3-1 with Real Madrid might be an anecdote, because the game was ending, but the other penalties weren’t anecdotes and forced you to waste points. You aren’t effective in a factor in which other teams earn points. We are working at the end of the trainings and I believe we have prepared people to take them. If it is difficult to see the referee whistling a penalty if you are playing at Deportivo La Coruña, imagine if later you end throwing the ball out. We are working on that to earn points.”

Unexpected exits? “You already lived that, it happened with Rivaldo and recently with Lucas Pérez. It’s harmful for the club and to have an open market only helps the big teams. There are around 200 million out there and let’s hope the money will end up in another place.”

Juan Ramón López Muñiz addressed the media ion Thursday.  He is aware of the enthusiasm for the victory in the first game, but expects a hard game and waits to see his team showing the same strengths. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Victory over Villarreal: “The past is useless, because you cannot live of the past in football. Now we need to try and add again, and if it means three more points, the better. The points we already have cannot be taken away, so we need to go out for the next ones. The past game turned to be very complete facing a great rival, the dreamed game.”

The goal of the permanence: “I believe it is very clear since we started to work. These are messages that not only are transmitted to the outside, but are lived too in the inside. We want a professional environment and don’t want a short stage at Primera, we want to demonstrate that we are a reliable and regular team.”

Game against Deportivo: What we need to do is to face the game with a humble approach and been ready to compete, later to put the same things in defence and attack. We will offer again our best effort on the pitch, so we can make the most complete game that’s possible. We know that this is Primera División and, if you aren’t at the top and doesn’t match the level, then the rivals will penalize you. It’s going to be a difficult game, against a team with speed and good individualities. I believe it’s a competitive team, a complicate game like all of them.”



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