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05 Sep 2017
Depor’s sporting director talked to reporters as the market window is already closed; he explained the signings of Lucas, Carles Gil and Pantilimon, while he also explained why Andone and Saúl didn’t leave the club.

Long press conference by Richard Barral. Depor’s sporting director talked for 34 minutes and analyzed the market and the composition of Depor’s squad. He was constantly asked for Diego Rolán and always denied any link with the player. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Number of players: “The true is that we ended with a high number of players, but at the last hour we had the injury of Rubén, plus the frustrated exit of Saúl, so we ended up with two more players of what we expected. Neither there was enough time to react.”

Saúl: “We had a team for him [Brescia], he was even traveling there, but we don’t know exactly why the conditions were twisted and the other team decided to not continue with his signings. The market is open in other leagues and he will continue training with the team, and you know that football changes from one day to the other. He has projection and needs to train hard.”

Lucas Pérez: “I don’t want to think what would happen if he wouldn’t have arrived [he smiled]. It was a very complicate signing that changed from yes to no in one day. Everything was black, but the president interfered and unblocked the situation. It was the main target. Another important thing is that Lucas stayed strong, Deportivo was his first option and it allowed his arrival. He rejected all kind of offers, superior in financial and sporting senses.”

Lucas’ loan cost: “The inflation in football has been high during this season, and the issue with Neymar created a bubble. Lucas isn’t a cheap player, but it’s a lot less of what was said, practically the half of what has been said.”

Buying Lucas in the future: “We presented an offer, but it didn’t advance as the differences were high. Deportivo cannot afford signings of this level.”

Goal for the season: “I believe the squad has been improving each year, off course, the level of the squad must be said now and later the performance will give us the measure. It’s a team to be calm at Primera División, later we need to see the performance. Last year I said that the squad was good, but later the performance wasn’t the expected one.”

Costel Pantilimon: “With the signing of Lucas the salary cap was already covered, and then we had the injury of Rubén. The doctors, without making the scans, gave us a diagnosis and it seemed it was more serious, so we decided that, no matter the confidence in the goalies at the academy, something could happen to Tytoń and we didn’t want to have two goalies from the B squad at the same time. The salary cap was covered and we went into the market. We already had Pantilimon as a possible target and we phoned Gino Pozzo, we thank him in the economic issue as they assumed big part of the wages and the loan is for free, otherwise it was going to be difficult to get a goalkeeper with a high level.”

Diego Rolán: “This press conference is for this season, for the next one we don’t even know what will be needed. We have been following Diego Rolán from 2013 or 2014. He belongs to Málaga and in this moment we don’t know what will happen. We are always working and it’s too soon to talk of next year. It’s impossible that he is ours, because he is under contract with Girondis and will play in Málaga.”

Salary cap: “The cap is higher than on previous season, but the wages have been increased too. Thanks to the management of the debt we didn’t have the problems of previous years. I estimate that the increase is for ten or twelve millions compared to last season.”

Carles Gil: “He is almost a buy operation, because there’s a forced option for next year.”

Andone: “There were two important offers coming from the Premier League, the last one stayed until the end. It was an important offer and we would have had a big earning, but the president wanted the club to be stronger and not weaker, and simply he only wants to sell for three reasons: because they are paying the clause, because you have a backup of the same level and because the player wants to leave. It wasn’t the case in this operation, so we decided to keep him and now we have one of the most interesting offensive lines in la liga.”

Balance: “We are content with what we signed, especially in positions like midfield. I knew that Valverde was highly wanted and we got him. Later, the reinforcement of Lucas, who was the first option. Also Adrián. Then players from last year that are priorities like Guilherme and Carles Gil. Later the surprise of Fabian Schär.”

Fabian Schär: “It was a surprise that an international player of that level was at that price, last year Spanish clubs tried to sign him and the price was four times bigger.”

Sidnei: “Surely his nationality has to do with the offers that we could have, evidently it isn’t the same a player with an EU passport than a foreigner. Usually the Premier League is the biggest buyer, but without the papers it isn’t impossible. Why the papers aren’t arriving? It’s strange as the lists are longer and it’s taking time.”

Juanfran & Çolak: “There were offers, but it wasn’t enough. Both are important players and with the money they were paying you were forced to go to the market and you weren’t guarantee that you were going to find someone of the same level.”

No academy players in the final squad: “It’s true, but there will be lads training on a permanent basis. We are going to renew them and their wages are going to be improved. Edu Expósito has been there since day one, also Óscar Pïnchi. We rely on them and they need to mature. “

Conditions over Valverde’s loan: “Yes, there’s a certain number of minutes that he must play, but we do the same when we loan players and it won’t condition the coach and neither us. We prefer to give the loan for free and then penalize for not playing. The operation is assumable.”

Interest of Sevilla in Oscar: “Óscar Pinchi is an asset of the club, Sevilla requested him for their B squad. We didn’t have a problem, but it must be under certain circumstances. When you bet in a player it must be for real and we didn’t see it clear, so he stayed. Now the goal is to renew him and is one of the players with better chances of reaching the first team.”

Albentosa: “Last year we decided to end with three centre-backs, there were rumors on deadline day over Albentosa, but we never had an offer. “

Bicho: “He made a good pre-season with the first team, unless having a superior offer we won’t allow his exit, now Fabril is at Segunda B and that’s an important league.”

Renewal of Luisinho: “He ends contract at the end of the season, at this point it wasn’t a priority. His agent phoned us, but we postponed it as we were trying to build up the squad. Now we will talk and it’s too soon to valorize what we will do. He is training and playing at a high level.”

Fabril: “We must congratulate  us, because we made an important squad in the first year. I watched yesterday’s game and you must assume that we still have to see more players in attack. We made an important squad, sometimes there’s criticism on the age, but as the team goes up you need more experienced players. If you only use lads it’s impossible as they cannot show their football. If you have one, two, three or four surrounded by experience, then they can grow up.”



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