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29 Dec 2006
The squad has returned to the training sessions after the Christmas pause. The biggest novelty was the presence of Valer??n and Pablo Alvarez, both players are returning after an injury and they made the same routine than the rest of the team.

Deportivo is one of the squads that's enjoying less vacations. The situation in la liga is complicated and coach Caparr??s doesn't want to see distractions. That's why the Sevillan trainer has only given a period of eight free days to his players.

The squad reassumed the work on Thursday, and the absences were the American players: Estoyanoff, Taborda, Mun??a (Uruguay); Coloccini, Duscher (Argentina); Filipe (Brazil); and De Guzm??n (Canada). These players will join the team in today's session. Meanwhile, Bodipo still in the recuperation process from his injury, while Arbeloa joined the club on yestarday's session since he played on Thursday in a friendly game with the national squad of Arag??n.

Juan Carlos Valer??n and Pablo Alvarez were the biggest novelties in the last two sessions. Valer??n suffered a new knee injury during the pre-season, and Pablo Alvarez came to the club with a knee fracture. But both players won't participate in the game with Real Madrid. A situation that the same Caparr??s explained in Abegondo's press room: "We have to handle the case with serenity. Without pressures because we are transmitting the pressure to the player."

Depor's coach also wanted to ask for unity in these difficult moments: "We are in a moment in which we need to be adding things, from the first to the last fan, from the first paper to the last one. And from the first players to the last coach. We can't be expressing our personal opinions, because Deportivo is in the middle of this."

Caparr??s was asked once again about the possibility of a new signing, and one more time he answered that the club is continuing to search for the right candidate: "We aren't at our best financial moment, and we have to search for a player with the profile that we want. But if this reinforcement can't arrive, we will have to trust in the people that we have. I can only tell you that our secretary is working on it, but for the moment there is nothing."

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