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06 Sep 2017
Depor’s coach analyzed the composition of the team after the closure of the summer window; he is happy and assumes that now the pressure is on him as Deportivo target to have a season without relegation worries.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Tuesday, just one day after the sporting director of the club; he analyzed the status of the club after the summer market and also announced that Carles Gil won’t be available before December. The following is a summary of the things he said.

25 players, too large squad? “You all know what has happened to Rubén. It was something we didn’t expect, it forced to look for other things. I always said that the ideal thing for the coach, and for the lads from the academy, was to not have all the slots covered, but the market is the boss on here.”

Pantilimon: “Richard [Barral] made a fantastic job, because the power to react was very limited at the time and the financial situation was limiting us, and it is something to congratulate him. It wasn’t an easy task to get the keeper from Watford.”

Lucas Pérez. “I always told you that it was an incentive for the president and he achieved it. I was calm as Tino always demonstrated to do the right things, so I am content. It’s good for the team and he must work hard. He will add character, something we need, and we all are content with the team of Deportivo. Now it depends on the professionals. We must think that Lucas will go in the same way than Adrián, he needs to work hard as his pre-season wasn’t good. When both can be at the top then we will have a blessed problem. Sometimes we can play with three of them, sometimes with two.”

Time to use the 4-4-2? “There are things favoring this, not only the arrival of Lucas, but to see that Adrián is a little better, I believe he is now more the good player that we know, he will add the option to play in this way, and Lucas means a step forward. You can use him on the left wing, as a playmaker and as the reference. We have alternatives and now the coaching staff must extract the best from them. “

Can Lucas and Andone play together? “It’s about to be seen. Last season I was watching Depor from the outside and thought that Joselu and Andone could play together, but when I worked with them I noticed problems in the links and situations that were making the game different, so we need to see them working together. My idea is that it can be done.”

Expectations for the new season: “The goal must be to have a calm season, anything different would mean to be a coward. We must aspire to the highest. We must respond to the demands, the coach is happy with the squad, not it depends on my job to get the best. The club has done the best and now it’s my turn. Anything different of achieving the season that we expect it would be a personal failure. I have enough squad to make a good season, which means to not have the hurries of the past.”

Real Sociedad: “I want to compete against Real Sociedad, a team that has added six of six and that has been doing the right things for a while. I want to compete them in the game and to see that Depor is a team trying to do good things.”

Pressure over the coach? “Hopefully the pressure that I can have is with Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi at my team. We all have the same pressure. I am content with my team, I have speed, good individualities, I have eight good defenders, I am happy with the keepers, I believe Fabril can help and I believe we have a good midfield. Isn’t that enough pressure?”

Is the level of the league higher? “It’s normal. Within the last three years the first three places almost reached the 70 points. The Spanish La Liga has a high level, with or without Neymar, and that’s good for the spectator. Depor is among the chosen ones to dispute the league and we must match the expectations. I assume the challenge.”

Depth at the squad: I am happy with having Lucas, Andone and Adrián, but I am also happy to see Borja Valle staying. Cartabia and Bakkali add other things. The chance to have Mosquera, Celso and Valverde too. And to think that each weekend I must leave seven players out of the roster and seven out of the lineup.”

International players: “To be talking of international players say a good things of Deportivo. The fact of having five international players it’s something pointing out that we have quality people. A problem at the moment of working? Yes, both Celso and Valverde will arrive until Saturday, but these are things of football.”

Carles Gil: “It’s something that worries me, especially for the mind of the lad, because we bet on him and the true is that the problem is big. It’s an asset that’s stopped, we hope it can be fixed soon, but it seems he will be available until Christmas.”



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