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12 Sep 2017
Deportivo were seven minutes away from adding a point, but on the field the distances between both teams were evident. Adrián was the best news in a team that still leaving big doubts in defence.

The eight notes from the game Vs. Real Sociedad:

1- So close, so far: Deportivo were close to rescue a point after been in disadvantage 0-2 early in the first half, but the true is that the picture was only a mirage. Because Real Sociedad were superior in big part of the game, moving the ball with criterion and damaging on both sides. Meanwhile, Depor only reacted after the first goal, and after the equalizer the team fell down and soon Real Sociedad recovered the same control had within first half an hour. Depor were only seven minutes away from adding a point, but the difference between both team was noticeable.

2- Automatisms Vs. Impulses: Before the game, Real Sociedad’s coach Eusebio was talking of the importance of the automatisms at his team, because it’s the same block of last year with the same coach, this provokes a series of brief unconscious behaviors at the moment of moving the ball. It was surprising to see new arrival Adnan Januzaj been a starter, but he fit perfectly into this machinery.

Meanwhile, Depor is a club used to changes and, despite the officials are trying to keep the block, there are new factors that need time in order to adapt. For example, the Galician team is learning how to seize the accurate passes from Fabian Schär and the presence of Cartabia on the right wing. So, in this game the team only worked by impulses, the first one came after the goal of Adrián, which unleashed a storm at the end of the half that allowed Depor to surround the visiting area, and later collect the reward at the start of the second part. As soon as this effect vanished, the team became plane again.

3- The effect of the substitutions: Few games will witness the drastic differences between two coaches at the moment of making the substitutions. At Real Sociedad, Sergio Canales and Carlos Vela reinforced an offensive idea implemented by Eusebio Sacristán that allowed Los Txuri-urdines to recover the control over the meeting, later Diego Llorente replaced Iñigo Martínez for injury reasons, and it was him who scored the third goal.

If the changes were perfect for Real Sociedad, it was the opposite for Depor, because the substitutions just erased the positive feelings at the team. With the entry of Lucas and Valverde the draw was constantly switching from a 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 and some players were lost, for example Valverde was performing as left winger and he never had an impact in the game, later Bakkali entered, but he never was a factor in offense and neither brought the needed aids in defence.

4- Two goals allowed in four minutes: For the first time at Primera División, Depor allowed two goals within the first four minutes of a match. The closest thing was a game against RCD Espanyol on March 7, 1965. At the time, the Catalans won the game 2-0 with the goals been scored at minutes 2’ and 6’.

5- All eyes on the defence and Tytoń: Depor have now allowed nine goals in three matchdays, and the defence is on the spotlight for the concessions and distractions throughout the meetings. In this game, it wasn’t only the fact of allowing early goals, the first goal came in a distraction in the mark, the second was a bad clearance of Bruno Gama in a corner-kick, then the fourth goal was a play in which Illarramendi was left alone at the edge of the area, a picture that was constantly saw in the game.

Then to realize that Real Sociedad only made four shots on target and it still scored four goals. It’s the same impression had with Lux on last season, now Przemysław Tytoń was the starting goalie and the Polish left the feeling of been too slow to react, especially in the play of the third goal.

6- Adrián with a goal and an assist: The best news from the game is to see the good form of Adrián, the Asturian was a starter for the first time on the season and ended the meeting with a goal and an assist. The previous liga goal of Adrián with Depor was for the visit to Sporting Gijón (May 7, 2011).

7- 100 games for Sidnei: Sidnei Rechel completed his 100th official game with Deportivo (97 at Primera and 3 for Copa Del Rey). The negative thing is that the Brazilian has only clinched 19 victories wearing the Blanquiazul outfit.

8- The worst start in 25 years: Deportivo have only added one point after the first three matchdays, this is the worst start since the season 1991/92, at the time the team have also added one point after the first three games.



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