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12 Sep 2017
The coach had a discussion with a journalist, the players felt sorry for losing the result in the end, while Eusebio praised the reaction from his team.

Pepe Mel wasn’t happy with the way his team defended. There was tension at the end when a journalist asked about the confusion among his players with the modifications. He started analyzing the game, “I believe that, obviously, we faced the game in a wrong way. They took a quick free-kick and we were misplaced, the 0-2 also came in a set-piece, and to start the game like this, against this rival, it’s complicated. Still, the team did the most difficult thing, which was to make the comeback and it did a good job. For 25 minutes, we locked Real under the crossbar and made good things. It was enough to score a goal, and we started in the same way for the second part. “

“Then, by minute 70, we went out of gas due to the brutal effort made by the players. In the end, another set-piece meant the third goal. I am content for the character shown by a team that equalized a 0-2, but obviously I cannot be content after allowing four goals to lose the game.” He added.

Asked if the substitutions decreased the level of the team, he answered that, “You must have in mind that we had people that were tired. For example, Florin, who played twice with his national team. Adrián, it was the first time for him playing 90 minutes, he didn’t make a solid per-season. Also Lucas. There were people giving everything and we lost the strength at some point. That’s the explanation, because the team made a big sacrifice to tie the game 2-2.”

Then he was asked about Tytoń, but the Madrilenian coach didn’t want to make a deep analysis, “I won’t enter into individualities. Sorry if I can’t answer that, but it’s not fair to focus in someone. In the end, we all are affected. We cannot talk of a protagonic role by anyone.”

Mel also talked of the high number of goals allowed so far, “We hosted Real Madrid and Real Sociedad is a great team. They scored four goals and I am upset with the first two. I am worried for allowing nine goals in three games. We are in the wrong direction and must see it. We cannot allow so many goals.” The last question was related to the confusion at his players with the modifications, Mel didn’t like the inquiry and left the press room after a small discussion with the reporter.

Luisinho was disappointed with the result after the reaction at the middle of the game, “We gave for free the first ten or fifteen minutes. We gave it to the rival, we knew of their quality and with those gifts it is difficult. We tied the game, but again a set-piece within the final minutes forced use to lose the game.”

“The team entered fine into the second half, but we cannot lose the attention in that way. If you cannot win then you must at least get a point. When you are there, trying to get everything, you end frustrated for not getting the result.” The Portuguese added.

Adrián scored and assisted in the game, he commented that, “We are sad for losing three important points, the true is that the game was a bit crazy, with those quick goals, but the team reacted pretty well and we equalized. They were bottled at the back, but we didn’t hold on for the final fifteen minutes. They are powerful in set-pieces and after the third goal the game ended.”

The Asturian is convinced that the key for the loss was the tiredness of the players, “We made a big effort to get the 2-2 and they have a good control of the ball, with long possessions. And, if you add the set-pieces, you end knocked down. It isn’t the same to score and have the game under control, we had to sacrifice more things and were more tired in the end. We are screwed.”

At Real Sociedad, coach Eusebio Sacristán was happy with the performance of his team, "It was a great victory for us and a lot of work, we had a good start, but Depor made us to suffer a lot. We have been very bad at those moments and it cost us. The good thing is that, after the equalizer, the team has reacted well and we have continued with our plan, we have regained control of the game and that work has made our insistence been rewarded with the prize achieved at the end.”

"We were generating chances after the 2-2. The important thing has been to regain control of the game. It led us to be able to generate chances and some of them have been materialized, but above all, after the 2-2 we have managed again to turn the game in our favor, we have managed to control the meeting, having the ball and we pushed Depor to its side of the field, the key was there." He added. 




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