31 Dec 2006
Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s is hoping that the year 2007 will be a good one for Deportivo. He confessed to sportpaper <i>AS</i> that his main wish for the new year is to have Pablo Alvarez, Andrade and Valer??n at 100%. The Andalucian trainer also asked for unity in the club, he said that the fans should be supporting president Lendoiro in these hard moments.

Q: What's your wish for the year 2007?
A: Firstly, the total recuperation of Pablo (Alvarez), Jorge Andrade, Valer??n... Then, to see us very united: fans, media, coaches and players. To see us as one single person that's trying to add things to the club.

Q: Maybe also for more luck.
A: Yes, but the luck is a condition that you should be searching for on the pitch.

Q: And to the fans, what are you asking from them?
A: That people that have been following us during one hundred years and that have lived complicated moments. Maybe this isn't a good moment as the ones lived during the last decade, but they should be together with the president, with the board of directors and with the club.

Q: They should be attending more often to Riazor.
A: In my opinion, we should contribute to this. Until now, the people have helped us and they have transmitted a lot of confidence to us.

Q: What was the worst thing of the past year?
A: The injuries of Valer??n and Andrade. Firstly, because any injury is a negative thing and then, because we were in semi-finals in the copa and fighting for a spot in the UEFA cup. They would have helped us a lot.

Q: And the best?
A: In a general sense, the last season wasn't like the present one, although it wasn't a good one. It was a complicate year, and the players made a good job.

Q: You said previously that Sevilla smells like a champion, and what's the smell of this Deportivo?
A: Restructuring. We have to be calmed down, we need patience and confidence in our president. We have to live good and bad moments in order to succeed with this structure.

Q: Are you scared with the words 'second division'?
A: Not at all. We have six months in front of us. Football is full of surprises. A lot of things can occur in two weeks, just imagine what could happen when we are just at the middle of the season.

Q: So, you still trust in this Babydepor...
A: Of course, I believe in this project! It was built because of several necessities, and the president had in mind for a long period of time before my arrival to the club.

Q: How many new signings are you wishing to have in the winter market?
A: To be demanding for new players is a thing that only puts pressure to people. It will be easier to be asking for several players. We have to hold to this with the players we have.

Q: Is this the biggest challenge in your career, to move on with this Depor?
A: It's an important challenge, but every objective has its own risks. I had to win my credibility since my first days as a professional. Off course that I am motivated to succeed with an important club like Deportivo.

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