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18 Sep 2017
Depor’s coach and his players agreed that small details defined the result in this match, they also accept the pressure after not winning yet in liga.

Coach Pepe Mel was convinced that the game was decided by details, “I believe that it was hard for us to enter the game, but later we reacted properly. We had options of something more and, especially taking in mind what went wrong, there were two or three counterattacks with numeric advantage, five against three or three against two, in which we failed in the last pass. Later Betis had one and did it phenomenal. It was unfortunate as it was born in a corner in our favour, instead of sending the ball out we tried to play.”

“If we would have chosen properly in the counterattacks, then we will surely have scored the second goal. Surely, we wouldn’t have lost. But we failed in those plays and later failed in their chance too. We cannot change the result, Betis got the three points and tomorrow need to start training for Wednesday’s game.”  He added.

He was remembering that the attacking zone didn’t complete a proper pre-season, “Until certain point it is normal, we made the pre-season without Adrián and Lucas, even without Andone, who arrived late and was injured without taking part of many friendly games. The team is each day doing things better, for the moment slowly as the confidence only comes with points. We aren’t getting the points, so we need to convince and it’s difficult through a defeat.”

The Madrilenian coach also said that his men made an acceptable match, “I wasn’t upset with the performance of the team, there are signs of good things, of trying to do things right.  I liked the participation of Celso, good things from Valverde when he was in. Cartabia was fine, Bakkali was fine. The arrival of Arribas brought security. We can improve a lot and I think we are going to get it.”

Finally, Mel isn’t worried for the poor start in liga, “Nobody likes to start adding one of twelve possible points. Nobody likes to be at the bottom, but we still in matchday 04. In this same stadium, I made a streak of twelve of twelve and later had a disastrous rally, so football is competition and we need to look to the next game. We need to correct where we think we need to improve and that’s it. We have been penalized for the goals allowed.”

Fernando Navarro debuted on this season and believes that Depor deserved the draw in this game, “I believe the team made a game that deserved the draw.  In the end, the aim has marked the difference. It wasn’t possible and let’s wait for Wednesday.”

The left back also said that he understands why the fans are mad, “There’s always pressure, but it’s true that the need is bigger with the passage of the games. It’s normal to see people upset and even nervous, but this is only starting. I have spent three years on here and we were always down there. And this year we started badly, so it’s normal to see people like this.”

Adrián Lopez also shared the view that “small details” marked the result of the meeting, “I believe it was a game in which small details have decided the things. We could have won, and it is a pity as we wanted the three points. But in a general sense the team was fine and as I said before, small details unbalanced the game in favour of Betis. We had counterattacks in which things could have been better. The feelings were fine, but it wasn’t valid as we lost.”

About the pressure after not winning yet, the Asturian attacker commented that, “What we want is to add three points as soon as possible. Now we have a chance soon, on Wednesday. We are the first ones wanting to win a game, because three points give you energy and confidence. It isn’t a burden, but we want to achieve a victory now. “

Meanwhile, Celso Borges was asking for patience, “We are doing nothing in we are involved in a negative cloud. It’s too soon to say that we are going to be suffering the same. We need calm and need to be worried, but not alarmed.”

At Real Betis, Quique Setíen was convinced that his team deserved the victory, “I think that, in general, we had a lot of control over the game. It is true that in the first half, when the game was drawn, there were six, seven or eight minutes in which we lost control, but until that moment Depor hadn’t left its side of the field.”

“Later we had very good phases in the game, but we lacked a point of precision to finish the plays. Definitely, except for two counterattacks in which they could have done some damage, the game was controlled and the team deserved the victory." He added.




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