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26 Sep 2017
Big and weird loss that can be explained by the aim at both areas, but Depor are dragging bigger problems, like disastrous defence that allows early goals, and a lack of a plan to manage the offensive transitions.

The nine notes from the game Vs. Espanyol

1- The aim at both areas: The fans don’t like to hear that the team is losing by punctual reasons during the games, after all the Blanquiazul team already lost four of six liga meetings, but the true is that Mel’s explanation of why Depor lost this game is acceptable. The coach stated that the punishment was too big and that the aim at both areas was the key to the game.

And that’s true taking in mind the statistics. Depor had its best ball possession in the season (63%), it created more chances to score (11-9), it completed more shots (21-16) and even had more shots on target (6-5), but still lost by three goals. What simply happened was that Espanyol had a better conversion of their opportunities, while the Galicians witnessed how Çolak (28’) and Guilherme (46’) wasted very clear chances that should have ended in goals, while Pau López made great saves before Schär (25’) and Cartabia (47’). If the team would have materialized any of those chances, the result might have been different.

2- The worst defence in la liga: Regardless of the aim, Deportivo continue to be a disastrous team at the moment of defending. The Galicians have conceded at least two goals in five of the six games played so far and already are the worst defence in la liga conceding 15 goals. This is the worst mark at the club after the first six matchdays at Primera tied with the performance in the campaigns 2014/15 & 1968/69.

3- The early goals: One of the main concerns is the fact that Depor frequently allow early goals, which ends making things more difficult as the team need to search for a comeback since the first minutes in the games. Seven goals have been scored on this Primera season before the first five minutes, and three of them were allowed by Depor. But the problem is coming from behind, because since Pepe Mel landed at the club, the team has allowed ten goals before the first fifteen minutes (21 games with Mel).

4- Depression with the goalkeepers: Once again Pantilimon left very bad feelings, this time it wasn’t because he could have done better in the goals, but that he doesn’t transmit secureness. In this game, he incredible gave a bad pass to Sergio García, and only the lack of aim of the striker prevented a bigger loss (81’).

5- The nightmare of Arribas: A game to forget for Alejandro Arribas, he not only looked slow and lacking concentration, but also scored an own goal and provoked a penalty that ended to be the key for the defeat.  This is the fifth own goal for Arribas playing at Primera, the highest mark in the league tied with Alfonso Aparicio, Diego Rodríguez, Loren Juarros, Fernando Cáceres and Sergi Barjuán.

6- Worst mark since the season 1966/67: Deportivo still navigating in deep waters at the moment of comparing this poor start in la liga. The Galicians have now only added four points in six matchdays, it’s the worst start since the campaign 1966/67, at the time Depor were the bottom club with only one point in six games. Still, that was a better defence as it had conceded eight goals.

7- The introduction of Çolak: One of the few good news from the game was to see an acceptable performance by Emre Çolak in his return to the starting formation. He started as a playmaker and was switching his position with Valverde, and ended the meeting with three shots (two of them on target) and an acceptable 85% in his passing ratio.

8- The team is missing a guide: Despite the acceptable game by Çolak, Depor are still missing a pattern of how to manage the transitions defence-attack. And the best way to see it is to realize that the ball pass more time in the boots of the defenders. For the fifth time in six games, a defender ended to be the man with more touches. In this opportunity it was Fabian Schär (74).

9- Lucas remains absent: Lucas is evolving in his physical condition, he completed the full 90 minutes for the first time on the season; however, he still lacking form and barely has an impact in attack. In this match he was the attacker with less touches (46) and only completed one shot, but it’s also true that he created four chances to score.



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