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26 Sep 2017
Pepe Mel said that the team lost for punctual reasons, but admitted the heavy burden of the defensive errors. Even sporting director Richard Barral had to come out to assume the responsibility and deny that the coach is going to be sacked.

 Coach Pepe Mel seemed overwhelmed at the press room; still, he believes that Depor lost the game for lacking aim at both areas, “The game had different phases, beyond the result, I believe that with the 2-1, I heard the public whistling, this meant that we had the control over the game. We were doing the right things and were reaching their area, and over there we lost the game, on those chances we didn’t seize. We lost the game at both areas. Espanyol won the game because it was better at both areas. Later, with the penalty and the 3-1, our reaction ended. The 3-1 killed us.”

“Today the result doesn’t reflect what happened. I don’t say that we deserved to win, but anyone that didn’t watch the game and later see the 4-1 in the scoresheet, it doesn’t allow you to see the real picture of the game that was developed. We had our chances and I insist, the public whistled with the 2-1, and it wasn’t for us. Later they were even making the wave with the 3-1. Football is sensations.  The game was lost in not seizing our chances with the 2-0 and the 2-1.” Hr added.

Mel also admitted that the big number of goals allowed is a heavy burden, “What I see from the outside is that, after allowing fourteen goals in six games, the problem is clear. We missed clear chances, we scored once and had chances for more. If you don’t succeed at both areas, then the normal thing is to lose. And if you don’t even are fine at your own area, then it’s worse. Again, the second goal was a set-piece, the third a penalty. The clear thing is that, after allowing fourteen goals, the problem to correct is pretty clear. The problem is when you allow the rival’s fullbacks to find the space, any Primera player feels great when he sees a lot of space in front of him. The problem started there, we should have cut those plays.”

The Madrilenian also admitted that the quick goals are not allowing the tram to develop the plan for the meetings, “It is true, we talk and work all week long during the trainings, we insist on that, but I believe we need to guess better. If a player like Gerard Moreno is collecting the ball without problems, then everything that happens later isn’t good for your team. It is what happened in the first goal, later the penalty killed the reaction of the team, and then we stopped believing.”

Finally, Pepe Mel accepted that the fans are furious and that he can be sacked, “Any coach is always concern for his job, but what matter is today. The picture today was this one. I cannot influence in the decision, what I can do is to try to have more chances and defend better, having more security in lateral crosses. I don’t have any way to influence in this issue, so I cannot be worried. If we are on Saturday in relegation it is because the number say so. If the public is upset with us, then we must assume it as we will welcome Getafe in relegation.”

Luisinho was giving his view on the game, “We didn’t start well and allowed a quick goal, the team always tried to have the ball, but we couldn’t score a goal in the first half. We scored in the second part and, when we were better, we conceded a penalty and that was the key to the game.”

The Portuguese is also conscious of the large number of quick goals in the meetings, “Against Real Sociedad we started badly, and you end up trying to achieve a comeback, and that’s difficult with a rival having fast people upfront. It’s difficult. As people say, a game last from start to finish and you must be always focused.”

Celso Borges believes the final score is too much punishment, “It’s difficult to assimilate too many goals, and the true is that I believe we didn’t make things so badly to deserve four goals, but well, things are like this. There are a lot of things that we do right, and others that need to be improved, but as a team. It’s not a matter of pointing people, but to help each other.”

The situation is so tense, that sporting director Richard Barral had to come out in order to talk of the poor start in the campaign, “At this point we all are disappointed, we didn’t expect for this, what we wanted is to be in mid-table.  Each one is guilty, we will have to see in what aspects are we failing and rectify before it’s too late. If the reason why things aren’t working is the team, then I am the responsible one and must be self-critic. I am in the eye of the storm as the one that made the squad, I assume my responsibility.”

Barral also ruled out the option of sacking Pepe Mel, at least for now, “There isn’t any possibility to see this occurring now. Right now, it isn’t the right moment to talk of this. This is the moment of preparing the game with Getafe, we must try to win playing in the best possible way and clear the ghosts. We would gain confidence.” It’s also true that Tino Fernández and Barral had a small meeting with the coach at the airport.

On Monday, Juanfran Moreno was showing his support for Pepe Mel, “He is very strong and is a veteran coach. For me he is the right person for this team. We trust the coach and in what he wants. We know that everything changes if we win against Getafe.”

At RCD Espanyol, coach Quique Sánchez Flores was pretty happy with the result and the performance of his team, “We are very happy for the evolution in these last meetings. We knew that the week was complex, because we played against good teams with great individualities and dangerous attackers. The reaction of the team has been very good and I’m very happy, because we have recovered a very recognized version of last season. We connect with our people and that's important.”

"We knew we were facing a dangerous team, they have very good players, who play well and are able to decide. With the goal, the morale of Deportivo was boosted and lowered our mental and physical strength, but the changes worked out. We are still a long way from where we want to be, but we know where we are going." He added.




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