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28 Sep 2017
La Liga presented the salary caps for the season 2017/18, Deportivo are experiencing the biggest increase compared to last campaign and is now the 13th highest at Primera.

Last week, La Liga presented the salary caps for the season 2017/18. As always, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid gather big part of the money with a combine total of €1,006.94 million, it’s close to the combination of the remaining 18 clubs at Primera (€1,221.32).

In the case of Deportivo, the Galicians passed from the €24.7 million of last season to €40.7 million. The increase of €16 million was possible not only for the new income of the TV contract, but also for the renegotiating of the club’s debt, and represents an increase of 64%, the highest increase in the league.

Now, Deportivo have the 13th highest salary cap in la liga:

Barcelona        507.24
Real Madrid        499.70
Atlético        237.77
Sevilla        159.64
Valencia        113.30
Villarreal          87.92
Athletic          68.58
Betis          65.46
Real Sociedad          64.84
Espanyol          60.97
Málaga           53.56
Celta          40.94
Deportivo          40.74
Alavés          37.88
Leganés          34.69
Eibar          33.21
Levante           32.30
Girona          31.15
Las Palmas          29.45
Getafe          28.92



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