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04 Oct 2017
In very surprising news, Fernando Vidal has left Deportivo. The right hand of president Tino FernŠndez is leaving the club for personal reasons, though it could also be after the president didnít want to fire Pepe Mel.

Deportivo announced on Tuesday that Fernando Vidal presented his resignation as the sporting advisor of the club. It is surprising as he was considered to be the right hand of president Tino FernŠndez. Vidal was the chief of staff during the presidential campaign and was the main sporting authority of the club above technical secretariat Richard Barral.

Vidal explained in a press release that he is leaving for personal reasons. "In recent times, for many different reasons, I havenít felt as comfortable as I would have liked. There are reasons pushing me to take this decision and I have passed it to our President and those reasons belong to a private field.Ē

ďThis situation was becoming increasingly complex, significantly affecting my personal situation and thatís why Iím forced to present my irrevocable resignation. It has been a privilege to be part of this Council, whose current members I will continue to support at all times, both socially and sportingly, as fan, partner and shareholder." He added.

Fernando Vidal was one of the persons inside the council that wanted to fire coach Pepe Mel before the game with Getafe CF. Initially, there was a meeting scheduled for the beginning of last week, but Tino FernŠndez  refused to fire the Madrilenian coach and wanted to wait for the match, reason why the meeting was cancelled.



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