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09 Oct 2017
Fifth straight victory for a Fabril that wasn’t brilliant, but effective enough to keep the leadership. Jorge Valín and Ismael Díaz debuted with the team.

Coach Cristobal Parralo had the casualties of Quique Fornos, Bicho and Luis Fernández for injury reasons, while Blas Alonso was suspended. Panamanian Ismael Díaz and Portuguese Jardel were on the bench for the first time on the season, also Juvenil A midfielder Jorge Valín.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 with Francis Uzoho covering the goal, Álvaro Queijeiro performed at the right-back position, Steve One and Raúl González were the centre-backs, Lucas Viña performed at the left. Carlos López and Edu Expósito were the centre midfielders, Óscar García attacked from the left wing. Jorge Romay was the playmaker, Borja Galán performed on the right flank and Uxio Dapena was the centre forward.

The rival was Valladolid B, team that arrived winless on this start of season and with only three draws after seven matchdays. Coach Carlos Pérez presented a 4-2-3-1 formation with Colombian Luis Suárez Charis as the main reference in attack. He had netted twice in the campaign.

Fabril had problems to create scoring opportunities, mainly in the first half, but a goal from Borja Galán was enough to dispatch a Valladolid B that didn’t complete a shot on target.

Valladolid B tried to push at the start of the game, but son Deportivo’s lads took control of the ball possession, they lasted in creating a chance to score though.  The first chance for the locals was a cross from the left of Lucas Viña that Romay headed out (12’).

Just one minute later Francis made a huge mistake passing the ball, he ended assisting Luis Suárez, but later the keeper managed to deflect the ball to corner-kick. And then Fabril scored the first goal in a counterattack.

Lucas Viña stole the ball at defence, then assisted Romay, who ran towards the centre to end assisting Borja Galán at the edge of the area, then the attacker entered the area by the left side and dribbled a rival to end scoring with a drilling and crossed shot past visiting goalie Estanislao Marcellán ‘Tanis’.

The goal didn’t change the script, because Valladolid B continued to be a clueless team in attack, though it was strong enough to contain a thick Fabril that wasn’t having the usual presence upfront. The next chance for Fabril came until minute 31, Edu Expósito took a lateral free-kick and Raul González headed the ball out, though a foul over the keeper was called.

Raúl Navarro had an opportunity for Valladolid B, it was a direct free-kick in which he missed the target (36’). One minute later Luis Suárez missed the target from the edge of the area. The visiting side were making a serious game at midfield, obstructing the roads to Romay and Edu Expósito, but later they didn’t have enough quality in attack to create a real sense of danger.

The last opportunities for Fabril in the first half came at minute 41 & 43, first Borja Galán hit the wall in a direct free-kick, later Romay missed the ball inside the box. The final opportunity was a strong shot by Edu Expósito that was blocked by Tanis.

The second half started with the entry of Jorge Valín for Carlos López. Valín is a Juvenil A player that was making his debut with the team, he covered the right-back position and Queijeiro was moved to midfield.

Immediately, Valín showed up to assist Romay in a corner-kick play, the playmaker dribbled a rival and attempted a crossed shot from close range, Tanis made a deflection and the ball went close to the far post (48’).

At minute 54, Borja Galán picked a loose ball inside the area, he was marked by two rivals and attempted a curved shot that passed close to the far post. The substitution had worked out as Fabril were looking better, at least it was creating more chances compared to the first half.

Fabril were more dangerous now, mainly because the position of Queijeiro at midfield increased the depth of the team. Romay was close to score again at minute 62, this time he collected a cross from the left at the far post, his header was going into the crossbar, but Tani managed to clear the danger. Then Ismael Díaz debuted as he replaced Borja Galán.

The Panamanian left a positive impression in the few minutes he spent on the pitch, he had two big plays; the first came at minute 77, he eluded three rivals and released a cross from the left, but his attempt didn't find a receiver. The second was a shot from the edge of the area that was slightly deflected and the ball passed to the near post of Tanis (87’).

In the middle of both plays, Gaizka Martínez replaced Óscar and Uxío, who didn’t have chances before, headed over the crossbar a lateral free-kick from the left (82’). Valladolid B didn’t complete a shot on target in the game, but the narrow score kept the tension until the end. Their best opportunity in this half was a lateral shot of Miguel that missed the target (90+1’). The game ended with a new chance for Romay, but his low attempt from inside the area was cleared to corner-kick (90+2’)

It wasn’t the best presentation on the season, but Fabril continued to be a serious team that only needs a few chances to score and that later it’s solid in defence. Steve One was making key interceptions and was among the best players, Romay and Borja Galán had a good performance too.

The team improved in the second half with Queijeiro moved into midfield. Ismael Díaz debuted a with a couple of good attempts, also Juvenil A midfielder Jorge Valín. The next game also takes place at Abegondo as Fabril host CF Talavera de la Reina (Sunday, 17h00 CET)

Fabril (4-2-3-1) Francis - Queijeiro, Raúl González, One, Lucas Viña – Edu Expósito, Carlos López (Jorge Valín 46’) – Óscar (Gaizka Martínez 86’), Romay, Borja Galán (Ismael Díaz 68’) – Uxío.
Valladolid B: (4-2-3-1) Tanis – Raúl Navarro, Corral, Mario, Porto – Carrascal (Becerra 77’), Mayoral (Mari 56’) – Alvarado (Samanés 53’), Javi Pérez, Miguel – Luis Suárez.
Goal: 1-0: (17’) Borja Galán
Referee: Carlos Fernández Buergo. He showed yellow card to Mario (15’), Edu Expósito (51’), Queijeiro (67’), Luis Suárez (70’) & Porto (89’).
Venue: Abegondo (800).





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