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19 Oct 2017
Midfielder Edu Expósito believes that his new contract and the debut of Francis is a motivation for the academy players. He also keeps targeting the permanence of Fabril as the main goal despite been the current leader.

Edu Expósito trained with the first team on Wednesday and later addressed the media after signing a renewal lasting until 2022. He was happy with the new deal, “I am content with the renewal. It wasn’t complicated as both sides were compromised and content, so everything was fine.”

About the current moment of the first team, the Catalan commented that, “The team is little by little finding good feelings and we are adding points. Now we face Girona, a team that hasn’t added points recently, but I see them really strong. They know what they are doing, and I believe we can move forward playing at home.”

He is convinced that his renewal, plus the debut of Francis, is a motivation for the academy players, “We are fighting from the bottom in order to train with them, enter the rosters and even play. And the true is that it is a plus for the rest to see me and Francis getting a chance. We are prepared to play at any moment.”

Speaking of the debut of the Nigerian goalie, Edu isn’t surprised with the attention that he got, “Francis has a big potential and it will be demonstrated soon. He has been fine so far, he is young and will be noticed here at Deportivo.”

Talking of the situation of Fabril, he still targeting the permanence despite the team is the current leader at Segunda B, “I believe the first thing is the permanence, but we don’t have a roof. We are playing for the points in every game and will do the best for us.”

For him the key is that the team has keep the base since the arrival of coach Parralo, “We have spent one and half years playing with the same, you notice it during the trainings and it helps a lot for the good of the team. We are doing a great job and must continue fighting in order to have the chance to train with them and enter into the rosters.”

Finally, Edu Expósito explained how to handle the fact of been passing from the first team to Fabril in a matter of days, “It depends on how you live it. You must remain focused in the B squad and, if the chance arrives, then it will be welcomed.”



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