04 Jan 2007
Alvaro Arbeloa will meet his ex-team on Sunday at the Riazor. It seems that he won't be part of the starting eleven, but the Madrilian defender expressed in sportpaper <i>AS</i> his optimism about the chances of Depor. Arbeloa also commented the reasons why he left the capital.

Q: Any memories now that Real Madrid is coming to the city?
A: Good memories. It will be weird if I play in this game... Let's hope that Real Madrid will win the Champions League, and if we don't win la liga, let's hope that they will do it. I don't have any resentment and I don't want revenge, I just wish them the best. If I am a player that's currently performing in Primera, is thanks to them.

Q: Was the right decision to leave the Madrilian club?
A: I don't feel sorry for it. They always promised that I would be in the first team enjoying of minutes, but those promises were never fulfilled and I had to leave. With the arrival of Capello, I knew that the opportunities would be inexistent. We all know that he prefers to work with players with experience.

Q: How was your experience with Capello during the pre-season
A: Poor. I was just in the squad during two weeks, we were 15 players at that time, but the man didn't speak to us. We knew that we would leave the club, it was just a matter of time.

Q: What do you think about the policy of Real Madrid about its own youngsters?
A: The same old story. It isn't easy to sit the star players in order to give a chance to the youngest ones. Sometimes, the coaches didn't have to courage to put a youngster in order to cover a hole in the lineup, they preferred to replace a veteran. But that also happens in Barcelona.

Q: Do you understand what they have paid for Higua?n and Gago?
A. If they would be signing Zidane or Figo, yes. Because this examples are players of the greatest level. I am sure that Higua?n and Gago are good players, but it's a risk. I would prefer to give a chance to De la Red instead of been paying €18 million for Gago. If De la Red and Soldado were Argentineans, the club will be paying a fortune for them. The foreign players are overrated.

Q: Ronaldo or Van Nistelrooy?
A: If I were a coach, I will not have doubts. I would put both of them at the same time, because they give the sensation of respect, and because they are very different players. Complements I should say.

Q: Someone like them will be a good addition for Deportivo...
A: With the half of them... it's a joke, we have good strikers.

Q: Do you know that Riazor is damn territory for Real Madrid?
A: Let's hope that curse will continue. It's normal to see that everybody is nervous, but the Christmas break has broken the negative psychology that we were living.

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