20 Oct 2017
Fede Valverde conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia. The midfielder talked of his adaptation to the club and his current moment been a fixed starter at Deportivo.

Q: Undisputed starter at Depor, international... Can you ask for something more?
A: The true is that Iím very eager to help to reverse the current situation at Deportivo. We went to Eibar in search of a victory that, unfortunately, didnít arrive. But on Monday we have a new opportunity to change it. We knew that Eibar is a difficult place, they have a good team, but as the match was going on, we could have added the three points.

Q: But how do you see yourself?
A: Very good. Content in the city and, within football, there is much to improve, but Iím happy.

Q: Did you feel a big change in A CoruŮa?
A: It's a big change, but not for the city, I have no words to describe it. Itís simply spectacular. As for football, you have to keep in mind that I passed from Segunda B to Primera. The change is huge.

Q: Had your compatriots talked to you about the city, like Lasarte or Pandiani?
A: Pandiani himself and Diego IfrŠn. They talked to me about the fans and the club. They are a great support for me, because, in addition, I know that they speak well of me. With MartŪn [Lasarte], however, I have no relation. I donít know him. But I would like to thank him publicly, because he has also spoken well of me. I know it was an idol here and it's an honor.

Q: Francis has taken away the honor of being the youngest foreigner to debut with Depor.
A: I'm glad a lot for his debut, because heís a guy who works very hard to be where he is. He is very humble and deserves this opportunity. In my case itís a pride to be here. But I have to be very humble too. If I donít keep it, in a while I will be, again, outside the team. Itís like that.

Q: What happened to you in Eibar, because you werenít at the normal the level of previous meetings? Tired for going with the national team?
A: Not at all. I think what happened is that I was focused too much on defensive tasks and I am an offensive player. But, of course, they had a defence of five men, the sides defenders were going up a lot... I was too careful to cover the side and that reveals my shortcomings. I have to attack more, which is my game. Thatís one of the things I have left to learn: to defend better and to know to alternate.

Q: Do you see yourself back in Madrid?
A: You never know, but Madrid is one of the best if not the best team in the world, and has the best players in the world. Theyíre winning everything thanks to those players. As a Real Madrid footballer, I am happy, but I suppose itís also a difficulty. Time to time.

Q: And if next year you still have no place at the first team, do you plan to continue here or do you think you should keep raising the level and be on a team in the Europa League or Champions?
A: The step I took to Deportivo was great. This isnít an ordinary club. It is a great team. And I try to take the opportunity they have given to me. If you give me the opportunity and Madrid wants, I would like to stay for more years here. But itís too early to analyze the situation.

Q: What does this Depor miss in order to convince?
A: Well, I think that time. There is a good team, there is a good coach, who knows a lot, and I think we will end up doing good football and achieving better results. We have good players and that has to be noticed.

Q: Juanfran said last week that you should be focused in not going back unconsciously, but to do what the coach asked.
A: Heís right. The coach for something is the coach and for something is at Depor. He knows a lot about football and we should take advantage of it. But things donít always go as expected. If you go out five times to push and end allowing four goals then, for confidence, you donít longer go out. These are things that need to be fixed.

Q: And overcome those moments, as you did when you failed against Betis.
A: I was very bad after it, because a mistake of mine cost us the game. But the companions helped me a lot.

Q: Who are your supports?
A: Mainly Albentosa and Borges.



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