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21 Oct 2017
Celso Borges conceded an interview to La Opinión A Coruña, the midfielder talked of his current situation after qualifying to the World Cup and also of how the team is living the current start to the season in la liga.

Q: In a personal sense, what does it mean to qualify for the World Cup?
-A: Now I face the season in another way, because I had two goals this year, one was with the national team and the second is obviously to have the best possible result here. Having fulfilled one it gives some satisfaction, but the work does not stop here.

Q: In Spain we have become used to qualify, what does it represent for Costa Rica?
A: It's very important. We don’t take for granted the achievement. For us, a nation of four and a half million people, the fact that we can produce enough and generate enough for an entire country in terms of sports it means a pride, because all the people are benefited by Costa Rica going to the World Cup, there are many areas that we touch and the whole country is very happy.

Q: After getting a ticket for the World Cup, do you expect for a quiet season with Deportivo?
A: Especially that. I always say that you have to meet the goals as they come: to get as many points as possible to be calm and from there to see if others can be fulfilled.

Q: The start of season, however, has not met the expectations, how have you assimilated it?
A: We try to stay positive, the ones having the greatest expectations are always the group of players and the coaching staff. I think that, for how things have gone, we have to assume it. We won’t get anything recriminating what has already happened.

Q: Do you understand that there may be some disappointment?
A: It's understandable and we have to live with it. We are the first ones who want things to go well. So far, we are on the right track, but we must transform it into good results in a long season.

Q: Did you assume more protagonism inside the changing room for been one of the veterans?
A: It’s a work of all, in the end it’s normal to identify those who have been here for several years as those who must take the lead, but we all help. If everyone can contribute, those issues will become easier. We are all very aware of this.

Q: Is that leadership?
A: Yes. Leadership is not to go and shout seven times when things go wrong, the leadership is to arrive early to train, catch the ball when the situation is difficult, go and try when you have an injury, encourage those who may be a little low... There are many ways to lead and cannot be attributed to just one issue.

Q: What are you trying to transmit to the youngest who have arrived at the team?
A: Above all to make them understand the importance for this club to be in a regular way at Primera Division and rebuild their times of sporting glory. Above all to make them understand and know that, at all times, we are going to be important and that everyone within their role has to be responsible for what they do. As long as this idea is captured, everything will be better.

Q: You have been seen very close to Fede Valverde, almost like an older brother...
A: I wouldn’t say so much. Fede is a mature boy. He’s very intelligent and relies on everyone who can help him. We all try to help, not just him, as far as we can. You learn a lot from them too, I'm talking like I'm 37-years-old, but it's true. One learns absolutely from everyone, from Fede, from Edu Expósito, from Francis... The young people who are just starting out are quite mature, they know very well what they have to do, and they listen.

Q: How did you see him playing on the wing?
A: That’s already the decision of the coach, our work like companions is to support it. We have all played some time in positions that may not be the ones we are more used to, but you need to have the will to do it well and Fede has it.

Q: What has Pepe Mel changed on the team over last year?
A: It’s different. You no longer start the games with a need that if you don’t win you are at the pit. Now there is a freedom in the work that gives us all tranquility.

Q: However, it seems that the best performances of the team have arrived in limit situations...
A: Yes, I would say that it’s like fighting against ourselves and get that also when there is no such need. And so it has been, but sometimes we have run into the bad luck of not winning the matches. Sometimes a result conditions your mental state a lot and it’s very different a week of work when you win than when you lose.

Q: From defensive problems you have passed to difficulties in the creation of game, lack of balance?
A: There's always something to improve. We’ve a very capable coaching staff and we realize that we can do better, even when we win. If it isn’t defensive solidity, there will be many offensive nuances. The team is always looking for stability.

Q: Mel already had to save a delicate situation, how did you manage it?
A: We have to back him up with results. It was very clear how the situation was, and we were able to pull it off.

Q: Did you assume much of the responsibility to relieve pressure from the players?
A: It’s not worthy to talk of that. These things happen in football and we have been able to get through it all.

Q: Time to face Girona and have the possibility to add in three consecutive matches...
A: The goal is to keep adding. There are many very important matches for us. The matches at home have gone quite well, but in order to be protagonists in the league you also have to get points in the away games.



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