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26 Oct 2017
Debut for Cristóbal Parralo, who talked for the first time after been named as the coach of the first team. Both coaches are hiding their cards ahead of the first-leg in Copa.

On Wednesday’s evening, and after his second session with the first team, Cristóbal Parralo conceded his first press conference as the coach of Deportivo. The Andalusian is confident in his work and wants to have a good debut in this new stage. The following is a summary of the things he said.

First trainings with the team: “I feel full of hope, just as the players are training. We will see what happens; we have little time for the next game and let’s see how the team reacts tomorrow.”

The call from the president: “We talked yesterday and he commented the opportunity. Nothing more. Until yesterday I knew nothing. I am sad at one side for replacing a partner, but in the other I feel hopeful for making the jump to the first team.”

Reaction inside the squad: “They were better today. Yesterday they were a bit out of place. Logically, we didn’t foresee this. It caught us out of guard, but today the team trained at the top, and let’s see tomorrow if the team can implement the ideas. I saw the players working at the top and my hope is that the team will compete tomorrow.”

Where’s the problem of the team? “I believe it’s something to be analyzed in the inside, because all the teams can improve and I will try to improve, to see the team competing and getting the points that we didn’t add before.”

Playing twice before the same rival: “I will love to have more time in order to work hard and recover some players, but we accept this and will try our best in these games. I am only thinking of tomorrow’s game, on Monday we will valorize what to do.”

Rotations? “I have a vague idea, but we will have one more training and think a little more about what we will do. The Cup is important and will try to put the best team in order to get the best result. I will try to put the team that I believe it will compete at the top.”

Self-confidence: “I’ve plenty of confidence in my coaching staff and myself, I am convinced that this team will move forward. We will try to have the public at our side and feeling content of this team.”

More chances for the academy players? “Logically I know the players from Fabril. In this start of season things were great as the lads worked hard. We must also realize that the squad is large and needs to be administrated, but if the lads could have a chance then the will have it.”

Leaving Fabril: “I said good-bye today and it was a pity, because it is a great changing room and were feeling great there. I wished them the best, but now I am focused in doing a great job with the first team.”

Pressure to get better results? “The coaches always work under pressure, and you have to accept that. So, I am not afraid as I know that we work in order to win games. The important thing is to have an identity and to know what we want to do on the field. If they do their job, then the responsibility is mine.”

System for the first team: “I not only use a 4-2-3-1, at Fabril I also used a 4-3-3, but yes lately I have used a 4-2-3-1 according to the players that I had. On here I only had two trainings and still need time to realize about it. I am not closed to one particular system.”

Las Palmas: “It’s a team that isn’t arriving in a good moment, but have quality players. From midfield to attack they have unbalance and practice good football. We will try to press, so they won’t feel comfortable”

Identity of the team: “I will like to have a team that’s the protagonist in the games, pressing up front so we can recover the ball as high as possible. We must try to play with speed and take advantage of the length of the field. We have the players to develop this idea.”

Experience as a player: “I have entered here as I did at other clubs: with confidence in what I do. I have all the confidence of the world and believe in what I’m doing in the attempt to clinch the goals.”

Pako Ayestarán addressed the media on Wednesday’s noon, he was at Abegondo as the team arrived one day before to A Coruña. He thinks the Cup can be a turning point for a team passing through a bad streak in liga. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The problems of the team:  "We are here to detect what the team doing wrongly. We have been able to detect some failures and we have been able to make good first halves, but when we see curves then we leave the games. We are convinced that the plane will take off and will catch the needed speed ".

Pepe Mel’s destitution: "It’s a circumstance that isn’t in our hands. The influence on the coaches is wide, the maneuvering frame is short, but it’s also true that, against Girona, I saw a Deportivo that was in the game and could have tied in the end; everything is based on the result and the lack of conviction in the decisions that are made. You would have to valorize the game of the team, the degree of conviction of the players in what they are doing... I imagine, or I want to think, that the dismissal has been valorized under all these parameters. From a distance, watching the match the other day, I didn’t see a bad Deportivo. "

Game against Deportivo: "The preparation is based on the evolution of our team. When the team needs pieces that need improvement, it’s better to consider yourself rather than the opponent. We don’t know the coach who enters, but we know what players he has. Our idea is to get the best lineup to get a good result, but we have to consider which players can bring us more. "

Straight games against Depor: "When you come from a losing streak, the cup can serve as a turning point. The good moments should work longer, we want the car to run longer. We face the first game, the first approach, as a way to continue adjusting our team. "

Rotations at the lineup? “Neither yes nor no. The idea is to present the best lineup, this in order to get a positive result. I am not thinking if the players have played before or not, only that I should use the ones that can offer the best performance.”



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