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26 Oct 2017
Pepe Mel and Tino Fernández conceded a press conference on Wednesday, the coach said good-bye and the president explained the reasons why he was fired.

On Wednesday, president Tino Fernández and former coach Pepe Mel attended to the Riazor after the coach was fired due to the poor results. It was a calm press conference in which both sides expressed their opinions about what lead to this decision.

Tino Fernández was the first to talk, he thanked Mel for the things done on last season, “We want to thank Mel for trusting us, for choosing us in a delicate moment. We want to thank the success of last season, because we wanted to clinch the permanence and leave a complicate situation. Now only to whish the best to him, because he deserves it.”

Later Pepe Mel started to say good-bye, “It’s a joy when you leave like this from a job when thing didn’t work out, it’s a joy to see the people surrounding you, I mean the board of directors. For me it was an honour to be at Deportivo. I and the coaching staff did our best to have everybody content, but this is a game and there are factors that don’t depend on you. I want to say good-bye to all the fans and to tell them to support Cristobal. I also want to thank the media because you treated me really well. It’s a good-bye and hope to come here as a rival and receive the same love. It’s good to see the the board of directors on here right now, because it means that not everything was done badly.”

He didn’t want to say anything at the moment of been asked about what failed in the project, “I have lived this situation in many opportunities, today is not the day for this. We are talking of a team that isn’t in relegation, but we were expecting for more. It must be in the same lane than the budget, and if we aren’t there it is because we haven’t done the things right, but today isn’t the day for this.”

“If we have defeated Girona then we would be at mid-table and things would have been different, because I would be right now training at Abegondo. I don’t have any complaint, I can only complain of me and my coaching staff. I want to continue in this profession, but you must bear the problems.” He added.

Later the president explained why Cristobal Parralo was the chosen one for the bench, “Because he was the better choice of the ones we had. We trust him, he has the characteristics of been the right person for the job and that’s why we did it.”

Tino was also asked about the fact that Parralo is the sixth coach since his arrival and if thinks that this is a high number, “Tomorrow we play against Las Palmas, and it turns out that the rival also had six coaches since we arrived, the same number than us. Tomorrow Pako Ayestarán arrives, who was before at Valencia CF, and that team had seven coaches in the same period. Football is like that. We won’t stop doing a decision just because it will affect a personal stat. Hopefully this won’t be happening, but if it happens, then we do it thinking of the best for the club. Hopefully we can get the one that can stay here for many years.”

Then Mel talked of the confidence that the board of directors had on him, “I believe it will be irresponsible if the board doesn’t make the right decisions for the good of the team, another thing is if I think that it isn’t the right decision.”

The president replied that the board always trusted him, “The support from the board was total. I was hopeful and was convinced that this was the right decision, but the results weren’t good and now we believe this was the right decision. Time will tell if we made the right decision.”

Fernández also sent a strong message to the players, “They are also responsible for this, in football you have these characteristics, you always look to the coach when things go wrong, and sometimes he isn’t the first responsible, but it’s the easiest piece to change. But the players must also look to themselves. Right now, we aren’t made to fight for the permanence, we want another thing. The club is moving into other goals and must focus on that. I told the players about it, and if they don’t have the same goal, then they must speak out. We cannot be there. We were there two seasons ago, now the budget is different and we have better players. The club made an effort and we didn’t go for the last player available and neither asked to friend clubs lo loan us their last player. No, we chose to sign the best ones we can get. We could have done that, but preferred other things. We need to be competitive and must have the ambition of growing.”

Less severe was the message of Mel to the players, “Yesterday I thanked them for their behavior with the coaching staff, what I can tell you is that, when I arrived, they reacted in a very positive way, and without them we wouldn’t have achieved the goal. Whatever I told the players I said it inside the changing room, and what I told them yesterday is to support Cristóbal, I also told them that Deportivo must be in a position according to the budget, therefore they and me have failed. I believe this team could be in a better position.”

Depor’s president clarified that the club is also open to hire a new coach for Fabril, “Today’s training will be under the supervision of Manuel Pablo and Rubén Comendez, the coach of Juvenil A. we are waiting to see the proposal from the sporting direction about who will command Fabril, but we are calm as we rely in what we are doing with the academy. We are waiting for their proposal, if a new coach arrives soon then he will be commanding the team for the weekend, if not this weekend’s game will be directed by Ruben Comendez.”

Finally, Pep Mel said that he saw himself ready to revert the current situation of Deportivo, “I can fail at the moment of making the roster and choosing the payers for the lineup, but I always fulfilled the goals that I had. Still, I understand the decisions.” 




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