09 Nov 2017
Depor’s president conceded a interview to Marca, Tino Fernández remains confident of the team despite the results and doesn’t believe that winter reinforcements are needed.

Q: What is your balance so far in the season?
 A: We are a little below where we wanted. You can never be satisfied when you have to change the coach, but at the same time with hope because this is just starting, there still a lot and we are convinced that things will turn out as we expected.

Q: Are you still thinking that Depor won’t suffer?
 A: Yes. I think the team will take a step forward compared to previous seasons. I see the team is strong, I still think we have a good team and a good coaching staff. It may be presumptuous at this time, also seeing the situation a t the standings, but I think we can compete in each game.

Q: What changes have you seen since the arrival of Cristóbal?
 A: I have seen a more compact team, more intense and stronger. Before, on several occasions, when they hit us, a state of decomposition was generated.

Q: Will there be signings in the winter market?
 A: At this moment I have doubts that’s necessary to strengthen the team in January, regardless of the economic availability. There is a good squad. Carles Gil will be the best winter signing. I find it hard to see where we can strengthen ourselves.

Q: How do you see the issue of the goalkeeper?
A: Trust is key in that position. Great goalkeepers who lost confidence went from being almost the best in the world to generate many doubts. We have experienced goalies. For some there are even teams from Spain interested in them.

Q: So, are you ruling out the chance to sign a goalkeeper in January?
A: You have to give confidence and increase the performance of goalkeepers, although in the markets you cannot rule out anything, but I think the squad is valid to achieve the goals, including the goalkeepers.

Q: Do you think that Pantilimon should have done better in Atlético's goal?
 A: Sure, but if I analyze it, the whole team should have done better. Football is collective. The play comes from an action in the opposite field, there is the wall and, obviously, the goalkeeper, who gave the feeling that he didn’t have to move, but we don’t know if he didn’t see it well.

Q: Is the irregularity of the last seasons a factor that can influence in the changes of coaches?
A: Surely, those changes don’t help us, but we have done them because we thought we needed it. It isn’t good news and that’s our unfinished business.

Q: Do you have decided to stand for the 2019 elections?
A: We are talking about January of 2019, it will be normal to do it like the other time, in October. We have to think about what we want to propose to Deportivismo. I have some projects in mind for the next five years. That is the key. I have large projects in various fields. There will be important challenges, so you have to see the mood of the people.

Q: What has you learned as president?
 A: More than learning, the main thing is to not get carried away by feelings.

Q: What clubs do you have as a model?
 A: There are many references. Not only one example. I really like Athletic, Villarreal, what Celta has done... I try to learn at each visit to see what each club does in economic and social issues.

Q: How do you see how La Liga is working?
 A; La Liga works well. There is a communication problem towards the fans. The overall assessment is good and we are satisfied, but something fails because we don’t know how to transfer that good work to society.

Q: Could the time frames be reduced?
A: I think that they could be reduced and, sometimes, you can schedule more than one game in one frame, but there are television operators who have the rights, pay and have their opinion.



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