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09 Nov 2017
The new coach of Fabril told reporters that he is glad to return to Deportivo and that he aspires to the highest, though for him the goal is going game by game.

Gustavo Munúa conceded his first press conference on Wednesday. The new coach of Fabril says that he wants to see a team been protagonist having the ball and aspiring to the highest. The following is a summary of the things he said.

How was the arrival decided?  “It was quick. They called me from the club and transmitted the project they are building up. Things have been done in a pretty way under Cristóbal, there’s a pretty squad and a good work done, so I was hopeful of returning to Deportivo. I practically know everything on here and it helps a lot, so I made the decision, among other reasons for been Deportivo. It’s hopeful to coach Fabril.”

Why a contract lasting until the end of season? “We talked about it. I could have signed for one more year, but I decided this. I want to see if Deportivo feel comfortable with me and if I will feel comfortable with them. Later we will make decisions.”

Expectations at Segunda B: “We know it’s a very competitive league, truly we are coming from directing two important Primera clubs in South America, Nacional and Liga, but it’s also a pretty opportunity to enter into a club like Deportivo and Europe. Later you know that these leagues are equal, like the game we are going to play in Madrid, so we need to work hard.”

The problems at the goal of the first team: “I only wish the best for Deportivo, later we all know that the goalkeeper is one of the most ungrateful roles, they are paying a lot of attention to it and surely the team will surpass this streak and you won’t talk too much of the keepers.”

First impression of the squad: “I see lads with hope, they formed a pretty squad, so the feelings were the best, predisposed to work and get the ideas we are trying to transmit. It’s not only a matter of knowing them and that they can know us.”

Playing style: “We want to see Fabril been the protagonist. It is the lane we want to follow.”

Goal for the season: “The goal is clear and it is the next game. We know we are in a good position, but this league is equal and you can pass from the second place to be in mid-table. You need to work and face the situation game by game. Our biggest aspiration is to win the next game.”

Synchrony with the first team: “We have talked some things about it, but today we will analyze this. We are doing a nice job and want to follow the same lane. This is matter of been constantly improving.”

Dreaming of coaching in Europe? “I already coached two important clubs in South America and now have the experience of the second team in an important club like Deportivo, that’s why I made the decision. I know how important Deportivo is and this is an important step in my career. Obviously you dream of reaching the highest, which is Primera División, but now I know the role that I have, which is to coach the B squad.”

Forming players: “You are always forming players, they are one step closer to Primera División and this is a pretty league as the players are made. Yes, you are forming players, but there are also demands. There’s a good squad and we need to demand things, so the players can get this pressure in their career.”

Styles from other coaches that he likes: “I like a lot Guardiola and Mourinho and also… Pochettino. There are several and for all the tastes. Simeone is marking the way and I like to see. It depends on the players you have. The intention is always to be the protagonist having the ball.”

Promoting players or ending higher at the standings? “You always want the best, the public must feel identified with what we do, by doing that we will satisfied.”

Fede Valverde: “He has been growing a lot with the national team. He is a great player and am sure he will add a lot of things to Deportivo.”  




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