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10 Nov 2017
After two weeks with a new coach, it’s already possible to find differences and characteristics that should mold the career of Cristóbal Parralo at Deportivo. This article presents the main ones.

These are the eight main characteristics and differences that have been noticed at Deportivo with the arrival of Cristóbal Parralo:

1- Three goalkeepers: Parralo likes to face the away games with three goalkeepers. This is something already seen with Víctor Sánchez in the past and will return with the new coach. As soon as Rubén receives the medical okay, then the coach will always be traveling with the three keepers at the first squad, so the rosters for the away games will be composed by nineteen men.

2- Two physical trainers in the away games: Normally the coaching staff traveling for the away games is composed by the coach, the assistant, one physical trainer, the goalkeepers’ trainer, a doctor and one or two physiotherapists. Now Parralo has requested that two physical trainers could be making the trip with the team for the away games.

With Pepe Mel, Julio Hernando was staying in A Coruña, but the coach noticed that there’s a strong link between the players and him (in some functions Hernando was acting as the link with the players), so he requested that he and Luis Fandiño could both travel with the team for the away matches.

3- The salute: Parralo is not an eccentric coach, but has some oddities that are already noticed by the players. One of them is the salute. It’s mandatory that at the beginning and the end of each training session the players must shake hands with each member of the coaching staff.

4-Morning trainings & short sessions: As it’s a tradition at Deportivo the training sessions continue to take place in the morning, the novelty is that there will be scheduled sessions in the day of the games, but only as long as the matches are played late in the afternoon or during the night. The sessions are also shorter now, with Pepe Mel the sessions were lasting two hours, now they last around 90 minutes.

5- Contextualized training: The physical and tactical exercises that are completed during the training sessions trend to be unique. With Pepe Mel there were standards and the exercises were repeated again and again in the same way. This doesn’t happen with Parralo as he changes minor things or establish certain rules in order to develop and idea.

For example, in a training match he can suddenly tell the players that they can only touch the ball twice before making a pass, or during a training game of eleven men against eleven he can suddenly order a player to leave the pitch and start training apart, this forces his side to play with ten men, which helps to train how to play under numeric disadvantage.

6- Tactics: Parralo likes a lot the 4-3-3, draw that was used in several opportunities with Fabril. But it’s about to be seen if he will translate this idea to the first team. The 4-3-3 gives more space to the players, but also more defensive responsibility, something that might not fit with players like Fede Valverde. Pepe Mel was known for liking the 4-4-2, and in the end he barely used it during his short stage at Depor.

7- Discipline: Parralo is more flexible with the norms as he believes that the players must feel comfortable at the club. For example, he allows the players to use their cell phones inside the changing room and the trips. This has been a common picture with past coaches.

8- Reticent: From an outspoken Pepe Mel, friendly and sympathetic during the press conferences and interviews, Deportivo have passed into a more serious coach. Parralo is the kind of coach that gives short responses and that don’t tell jokes in public. It’s the perfect profile for a club that wants to avoid problems with the media, but it’s about to be seen how he is received by journalists. This is more or less the profile of José Luis Oltra, who had problems with reporters in his last days in the job, though in that case the character of the coach was tougher. 



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