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12 Nov 2017
Deportivo doubled the sales, but continues to have a debt passing the €100 million. It’s also true that the 70% of the debt is for the long term and is now owed to a bank. The budget is the biggest in a decade.

In one week (November 20) the club will present to the shareholders the financial reports of the season 2016/17. Deportivo continue to improve in the financial aspect, but there are factors that still hitting the club. The main two are the financial unbalance and the debt.

The Net worth continues to be negative: -€75.47 million (-€82.6 in the previous campaign). It means that the club owes more of what it has, this number is high enough to ask for the settlement of the society according to the Spanish law.

Meanwhile the debt continues to be above the €100 million. It is passing from €116.32 million during the previous season to €129.79 million for the campaign 2017/18. It’s the burden that the club is dragging from the era with Lendoiro.

But the club is starting to have control of this big debt, the 70% of the debt (€90.63 million) is now on the long term and is now owed to a bank and not to public institutions. At the end of June, the club signed a loan with ABANCA for €45 million to be paid in 15 years. Thanks to this loan, now Deportivo only owe €5.94 million to the tax agency (€36.52 million one year before).

And this are the good news, because the structure of the debt with ABANCA allows Depor to have larger budgets to face the liga seasons. Besides, the incomes are now the double of the previous campaign. It passed from €32.47 million (2015/16) to €60.13 million now. The reason for this big increase is that the new TV contracts are applied since the current season. The subsidiaries are also evolving positively, both Deporclinica and the Deportienda are finally profitable with the latter reaching record sales for €1.71 million.

This allows Deportivo to present the biggest budget in more than a decade: €61.56 million.  




€65.00 million


€59.83 million


€55.81 million


€52.85 million


€42.95 million


€39.88 million


€39.80 million


€30.08 million


€39.76 million


€60.13 million


€61.56 million

 There are two main sources to finance the budget of the season. The 74% (€45.5 million) is coming from the television income, while 22% (€13.5 million) is financed with the sale of players. The rest is financed with other sources including merchandising and ticket sales.

The half of the budget (€30.67 million) is used to play the wages of the players from the first and second team (€29.07 million for the first team and €1.6 million for Fabril). Other €10 million are used to amortize the transfer of players from previous seasons, like the cases of Guilherme and Florin Andone. In the end the club expects a benefit of €4.38 million.



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