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21 Nov 2017
Depor’s coach was convinced that the team lost due to a lack of organization, the players didn’t share this view. The president talked to reporters as he was trying to transmit positivism.

Coach Cristóbal Parralo was saying that the team lost the game after lacking organization, “I believe the team was fine until minute 70. I believe that after their second goal it hammered us and, just when we were recovering, we allowed the third. It’s a matter of taking care of the details and not lose the organization, because there were phases in the game in which we lost it.”

He was criticized for the changes, especially the one of Cartabia. He was trying to explain the case, “Last week he was unable to train, and in this week he skipped a day. The change was made because he was tired and we were needing players that could run that stretch.”

The Andalusian coach didn’t want to rest merits to Málaga CF, “They won the game and we lost it. Football is like this, a matter of details and it decided the game. It was competed. We could have sentenced with the 1-2, it wasn’t like that and we paid the price.”

He was feeling sorry for the goals allowed, “It’s hurting to score two goals and don’t get anything playing on the road. It’s clear that if we want to win games we need to be solid in defence. We cannot have these lagoons and this disorganization throughout the game.”

Finally, Parralo was denying the idea that Deportivo aren’t matching the expectations, “I believe we cannot make a drama. Things aren’t changed from one day to the other. We need to be conscious. There are things we are doing fine and others that are more difficult. We nee to fix the things we didn’t like.”

Lucas Pérez said that the biggest sin of Deportivo was to try to protect the result in the last stretch, “We saw that the team was awakening and we had several opportunities. We were having good feeling sin the first part and later we were locked and it was then when, for having more for passion, that they scored twice. The error was to retreat.”

The striker didn’t agree with the coach and said that it wasn’t a matter of lacking organization, “I believe it wasn’t’ a matter of organization, but that the team was feeling comfortable, having chances and having the advantage, but later they went up and we tried to retreat. I don’t think it was a matter of organization or attitude.”

Neither Celso Borges was thinking that the defeat was caused by the lack of organization, “We were having good feelings on the field, it gave the impression that things were fine, having organization and attitude, so it ended been a hard hit. We all commit errors and this was a consequence of not doing things right.”

The midfielder was also feeling sorry for wasting a new opportunity to put some distance with relegation “It is a hard hit and what we can do? We can only continue. We feel fine on the pitch and need to capitalize these feeling. Today, we deserved the points, but things are like this.”

Even president Tino Fernández showed up to try to encourage the negative environment, “Truly we are dropping points, we could have won, but football is like this. One more time we are leaving from La Rosaleda with zero points. Truly we have negative feelings now that the game has ended, but sincerely I don’t share it. I think we will move up.”

At Málaga CF, coach Míchel was commenting the game, “We know there’ll be many matches like this throughout the season. Let’s hope they all go our way. I believe we played well, and had our moments of good gameplay. We got the advantage on the scoresheet in a game of strategy. The team did a lot of good things, but we are still in the dynamic of conceding goals easily.”

“Each time we go wrong we let in a goal, and with an average of two goals conceded per game, it’s extremely difficult. Today we conceded from being too far back and from a counter-attack. We know it’s going to be like this for the whole season, and we’ll suffer a great deal to get out of the position we’re in. It’s also certain that with results like this one today, particularly with the sensation of the team never giving up, there’s still a long way to go to achieve what we’re all looking for”. He added. 





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